Data analysis and quality process management
for Manufacturing

Minitab helps companies reach new levels of operational performance, improve effectiveness and drive innovation using data analysis and quality process management.

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Continously improving quality, durability and innovation to create perfect products


Harness the power of advanced analytics to identify product defects and set benchmarks for quality.

Minitab is here to help you unlock the insights in your data.

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Proven Real-world Evidence


For more than 40 years, companies around the globe have trusted Minitab software to analyze their data and organize their quality improvement projects.

The automotive industry is going through an unbelievable transformation. Take a look now at autonomous vehicles … at mobility solutions … at electric vehicles. What is going to be defined as quality in the automotive industry is going to be completely different … and Minitab is going to be there for us to help us analyze the big data sets, to get us to deliver the quality that we need to deliver our customers.

– Scott Sterbenz, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Ford Motor Company

Spot trends, solve problems and discover valuable
insights in data.

Data Transformation​

Data access, automation, and governance for comprehensive insights​.

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Data Analysis

Powerful statistical software
with predictive analytics.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning and predictive
analytics software.

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Model Deployment and Monitoring

Model deployment and monitoring
made simple.

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Visual Business Tools

Visual tools to ensure process and
product excellence.

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Project Ideation & Execution

Start, track, manage, and execute
innovation and improvement initiatives.

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Web-Based Training

Master statistics and Minitab
anywhere with online training.

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Real-Time SPC

Monitor, respond, and deliver
quality and process monitoring.

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