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Customer service and contact centers generally focus on these critical key areas for assessment: customer feedback, service efficiency, quality, consistency, and employee engagement. While almost all service organizations focus on these in some way, shape, or form, most struggle with actually measuring and monitoring them. And that’s generally a function of two challenges: collecting the data and having the skills and capabilities to analyze it.

That’s where Minitab comes in. From data collection through analysis, Minitab has easy-to-use solutions that can help you improve customer service. With expert statisticians and data scientists, Minitab can help train you to or support your efforts as well to truly become a world class customer service organization.

Minitab's Customer Contact Center KPIs dashboard with customer service solutions to improve various performance metrics.

Contact Center Module

Not sure how to tackle analysis of your Customer Contact Center? No problem! Our solutions give you the power to collect your data in real-time or analyze your data after it’s been collected. You’ll be able to analyze your findings to make improvements to agent utilization, average call time, and increase customer satisfaction. Plus, with the power of prediction, you can catch problems before they occur. Our solution helps you deliver excellent customer experiences. And, our industry-leading technical support team is available via phone or email to help you as needed.

Improve the Customer Experience

A top vacation rental provider discovered there was an alarming decline in customer satisfaction ratings. They were particularly interested when theylearned the customers were not happy about how the situations were being managed, not the outcome of the cancellation. This made them rethink everything they had been doing. Using Minitab, they performed hypotheses tests to get to the root causes of the unsatisfactory customer service reviews.

Digitize Interactions

At Minitab, we understand that business leaders have limited time available to investigate new solutions and tools that can help solve their problems. As we see companies striving to solve more, faster with automation, we draw on our approach of solutions analytics and empower leaders with the ability to make their best data-driven decisions. When executed well with Minitab by your side, automation can increase customer engagement and bolster sales, as long as it accurately anticipates situations and leverages proper triggered processes to address them.



“It was time to rethink everything we had been doing. This is where Minitab has been an invaluable tool for us. Using Minitab, we were able to perform hypotheses tests to get to the root causes of the unsatisfactory customer service reviews. The analysis and insights we gained were unexpected, but we had no doubt in our minds it was accurate and reflective of our [customers’] wants.”

Global Director for Operational Excellence



“Creating tables and charts is easy for all users. The software has a friendly interface and shortcuts to the most used functions. It gives results quickly and displays the edits in real-time. Employees can analyze the data and share their opinions quickly to improve our productivity. We have achieved a corporate culture of total transparency.”

Henri H   
Data analyst  

Successful, smiling call center worker with headset working at an office.


“Minitab has great visualization tools that help us increase the efficiency of our work and optimize the solutions we develop for the problems we encounter…that increases the efficiency of our business processes.”

Stella J.
Chief Information Officer