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Data Analysis

Powerful statistical software
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Machine Learning

Machine learning and predictive
analytics software.

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Model Deployment & Monitoring

Model deployment and monitoring
made simple.

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Visual Business Tools

Visual tools to ensure process and
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Project Ideation & Execution

Start, track, manage, and execute
innovation and improvement initiatives.

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Web-Based Training

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Real-Time SPC

Monitor, respond, and deliver
quality and process monitoring.

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Unlock the value of data across all industries.

Minitab helps all companies regardless of size, industry, or location to spot trends, solve problems, discover valuable insights in their data, and achieve excellence though our comprehensive, best-in-class suite of data analysis and process improvement tools and solutions.

Prepare students for the data-driven world ahead.

Minitab is the leading software of choice for statistics education programs at more than 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide. With its intuitive interface and free teaching resources, instructors can empower students at any level to learn statistics and data analysis.


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Discover stories and real-life examples of success achieved by Minitab customers

Delivering the Perfect Crayon

Crayola transformed into a data-driven culture of continuous improvement, so they looked to Minitab software to enhance the quality of their products globally.

Ensuring Sweeteners Feel Like Sugar

Tate & Lyle faced the challenge of keeping particle sizing uniform while refining corn sugars, so they turned to Minitab software for help to ensure consistency.

Reducing Patient Length of Stay

Lehigh Valley Health Network had its patient volume nearly double, so they used Minitab software to understand and improve timing on admissions and discharges.


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Statistical Consulting

Drive result with the help of a statistician.