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Research and Development

As an expert in research and development, the need for trustworthy solutions and reliable support are essential. With the power of Minitab, you can confidently analyze experimental data, uncover trends, perform hypothesis testing, assess future product reliability and optimize processes, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive innovation forward at your organization. Learn how Minitab can alleviate some of the most common challenges faced daily in R&D.

Research & Development

Research and Development Module

Our solutions guide you directly to the tools most used by research and development professionals. Using the R&D module, you’ll be able to describe your data, compare samples to determine whether scientific results are statistically different or statistically equivalent, understand relationships using predictive modeling, design and analyze experiments and assess future product reliability.

Research & Development Model

Design of Experiments

Design of Experiments (DOE), conveniently located within Minitab Statistical Software, can help you identify optimal factor settings and improve the overall reliability and performance of your product. Discover the most influential factors and interactions to save valuable time and resources.


Reliability and Survival Analysis

Efficiently analyze failure data to assess product reliability, conduct failure mode analyses and create and analyze accelerated life tests. If you are working with people, not products, use Minitab's survival analysis to compare survivability across patient cohorts.

Reliability and Survival Analysis

Unleash the Power of Advanced Analytics

Minitab’s solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of research and development teams.

Our tools equip researchers and engineers to rapidly design experiments, estimate reliability and survival, describe data and understand relationships among variables.

Minitab leverages advanced statistical methods and sophisticated visualizations to clearly highlight data that is vital to R&D experts and teams, so you can trust Minitab to empower your R&D team with unparalleled insights— all backed by our decades of industry experience. 



“There are many [types of] statistical software in the market, but Minitab is specially designed for engineers. It has a very advanced capability in design and analysis of experiment.” 

Reseacrch Professional



“Minitab is the most robust and reputable solution for statistical analysis of manufacturing/process data.” 

Sr. Materials Engineer, Research and Development