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A Flexible, Powerful, and Modular Platform to Bring out the Data Scientist in Everyone


Our Data Science & Machine Learning Solutions

With Minitab’s modular data science and machine learning platform, you can grow and develop your analytical skills at your own pace.

Use our automated, end-to-end data science solution to go from data access all the way to model deployment. Or select the tools you need to solve your particular problems.

Only Minitab has a data science machine learning platform that offers the flexibility and the capabilities necessary to solve your problems. Tackle today’s puzzles and get ahead of tomorrow’s challenges.

A flexible, powerful, and modular platform to bring out the data scientist in everyone.

Data Science for Everyone

The rigorous use of data is now increasing in nearly all professional roles. It is proven to have a huge impact on productivity, decision making, and even reducing employee stress levels, because problems can be solved faster and easier with the right data. Learn how Hitachi Ventara uses Minitab no- and low-code solutions to empower everyday professionals to use predictive analytics and machine learning.

Access and Prep Your Data

You can’t spell data science without the data, which tells you that if you can’t access your data, you can’t analyze it! Once you have your data, integrating and prepping it for analysis is what truly sets you up for success. Minitab enables business users the ability to access, integrate, and prepare their data for data exploration and analysis.

Minitab offers stand-alone solutions for data access, integration, and preparation or a part of a larger data science solution.

Data Exploration & Analysis

Unlike most data science solutions, Minitab enables analysts to explore their data through visualizations and preliminary analyses before jumping into predictive modeling. As the market leader in statistical analysis, we offer data scientists the ability to use tools like descriptive statistics and visualizations to both better understand their data and collaborate with colleagues.

Only Minitab’s proprietary graph builder provides automated visualizations to accelerate the data exploration process.

Predictive Modeling & Machine Learning

Minitab offers proven and proprietary algorithms for predictive modeling and machine learning. By providing traditional methods, like regression analysis,  and more advanced machine learning, like proprietary methods such as MARS® (Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines), the best tree-based methods such as Classification and Regression Trees, better known as CART® , Random Forests® , and gradient boosting, better known as TreeNet® .

Feature Engineering

Feature engineering has recently resurfaced as a “hot topic” in the world of data analytics, as it is a critical process that supports successful machine learning and predictive analytics. As you read more about feature engineering, you might also recognize it as a fundamental data process, known as data manipulation, pre-processing, or normalization. Learn about the basics and significance of feature engineering and how you can successfully implement some of the most common feature engineering techniques for your organization with Minitab solutions.

Automated Machine Learning

Minitab’s Automated Machine Learning helps identify the best predictors and/or best model to ensure that you’re using the most useful algorithm to provide the best predictions. 

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Mikhail Golovnya, Senior Advisory Data Scientist for Minitab, demonstrates how easy it is to use Minitab’s Automated Machine Learning for predictive maintenance.

Leverage Open Source

Minitab integrates with both R and Python, allowing an avenue for easily running custom code via a button in the Minitab interface. By providing no code software that integrates with open source, Minitab enables collaboration across your entire organization.

Powerful, Market-Leading, and Easy-to-Use Statistical Software

For years, data scientists have been garnering deep insights. But today, solutions are available to not only meet data scientists’ needs, but those of business professionals as well. Minitab developed solutions to support everyone, including the data scientist, to meet typical challenges, such as:

  • Getting at your data. 
  • Easily demonstrating your findings to colleagues. 
  • Collaborating with colleagues who lack technical abilities to program. 
  • Building and deploying predictive models.

Minitab understands these pain points and has built a cloud-based, end-to-end, data science ecosystem that tackles these challenges! 

Our solutions allow you to access your data without relying on IT. When you want to explain a predictive model, use our proprietary CART ® Tree visualizations! You can program the perfect algorithm and share it by integrating your code into Minitab, then allowing your co-workers to digest it in a “clickable” manner. Looking for a simple push-button way to deploy models you’ve built in or outside the Minitab ecosystem? We have it.

Minitab is the partner of choice for business professionals and data scientists alike. We don’t just offer powerful algorithms. We stand behind them because we invented them. That’s why we’re the only place you’ll find CART, the original and best decision tree algorithm, TreeNet®, the original and best gradient boosting algorithm, Random Forests®, the original ensemble method, MARS, and many more. 



CART® (Classification and Regression Trees), TreeNet® (gradient boosting), Random Forests®, and MARS ®, some of the most popular machine learning methods in the world, are owned and only available through Minitab’s solutions.



“[Minitab] is an exceptionally good tool for making predictions … [Minitab] is absolutely the top-of-the-line of powerful, easy to use, flexible, reliable, data mining software. It is the standard that pretty much everyone is always comparing to and against. I have brought it into multiple companies and everywhere it has been readily adopted by both the advanced predictive modelers, as well as by the skilled business analysts.”

Bill K
Financial Services

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“Ready-to-go data mining and prediction tool, very robust and easy to import data … It’s well liked by everybody I know of. Beginners and power users. I recommend it highly.”