Process Improvement for Service Industries

Data-Driven Process Improvement to Enhance Your Offering to Customers and Make You More Efficient

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Our Service Industry Solutions

Ready to enhance the performance of your organization through process improvement? Analyze your performance to provide better, more effective service at lower costs.

Watch this webinar on how to optimize business efficiency and increase service satisfaction with customers

Contact Center Module

Leverage the power of data analysis to tackle challenges in customer care with Minitab's Customer Contact Center Module.

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Improve Service Quality

Learn the data analysis techniques necessary to assess if processes are on target, explore relationships between variables, and minimize defects, using metrics such as time, ratings, and revenue. Statistical principles will be presented through real-world examples and exercises, all supported by Minitab Statistical Software.

Training for Service Industry

Our Service Quality series is for professionals working in financial services, retail, and other service-related industries. The course materials include examples with metrics, such as time, ratings, and revenue. 

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Minitab Is the Leading Provider of Analytical Solutions for Process Improvement

Data analysis is powerful when you’re getting the most out of it. While spreadsheets and dashboards can be helpful, more dynamic tools can help you act quicker, more efficiently, and more effectively. That’s where Minitab can help.

Minitab empowers you to do a deep and thoughtful analysis of your data, regardless of your skill or experience level.  Minitab’s solutions allow you to easily access all your data for analysis. Plus, with structured problem-solving tools, you can improve performance processes and the overall customer experience at your organization.



“(Minitab) is essential to our lean initiatives. Prior to (Minitab) we managed everything on Microsoft Excel and (it) was tedious… As an administrator I am able to quickly train…with a minimal learning curve as the software is extremely user friendly. The ability to incorporate all the tools needed to manage a project, whether it be a small Just-Do-It, a kaizen event or a lengthy DMAIC project, all in one place is really convenient.”

Joel D.
Lean Specialist



“Performance of (the Minitab) platform is just phenomenal…Dashboard-building is easy and accessible by all users - not just those with IT expertise. (Minitab) created a corporate culture of complete transparency of information, with the interactivity to let us explore (our) data and drill down into details.”

Carrie B 
Insurance Broker 

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“Best tool for forecasting future demand…Minitab software provides the marketing team with data and planning strategies that can improve our marketing plans.”