Innovation & Project Management

Drive Innovation & Continuous Improvement  


Drive Innovation & Continuous Improvement

Ready to drive improvement and innovation across your organization? Minitab can help you manage and execute your initiatives by leveraging pre-built and proven roadmaps to ensure success or customizing a solution to meet your specific needs. Whether you are formally in continuous improvements and use disciplines like lean, six sigma, design for six sigma, kaizen, and many more, or you’re trying to add structure to your innovation and project management initiatives that drive results, Minitab has a solution to meet your needs.

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Foster a Culture of Innovation

Read how organizations, like Hitachi Vantara, leverage Minitab solutions to help them envision, plan, and execute digital transformations.

Build a Project Charter

Any project requires clear management and leadership. Successful projects don’t just happen. Even with the best of teams, a clear project scope, objectives, and roles need to be defined for a team to launch a successful project. Whether you're new to project management or a pro, Minitab’s project charters are tremendously helpful to organize projects and keep everyone on track.

Brainstorm & Plan With the Proper Tools

Brainstorming and project planning tools are some of the best ways to visualize ideas and organize information as you look to the future and decide what new projects to tackle and problems to solve.

To help you get started, we've compiled the best brainstorming and planning tools to empower you to bring your projects to life, and follow them through to completion.

Project Monitoring

Project management and project monitoring go hand-in-hand. Not only do you need to understand where you are or what you’ve already accomplished, but you need visibility into the benefits the projects or innovation are providing. Minitab gives you the ability to view project progress and savings with real-time dashboards.

Analyze Results

A critical part of finishing a project or developing an innovation is measuring success. Without the proper analytics, measuring results can be misleading or murky. Minitab provides powerful solutions to access your data, analyze it, measure your progress, and continue to monitor it.

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Driving initiatives across an organization can be difficult, particularly when it comes to innovation and improvement. Change is necessary and uncomfortable, which often leads to resistance. We know that without a structured approach to planning and execution, most innovation and improvement initiatives fail.

That’s why Minitab created a structured approach to innovation and improvement that drives success. From idea generation to project management, Minitab provides templates and workflows to help you achieve your goals. Structured problem-solving tools and an end-to-end data ecosystem enable you to identify risks or points of failure and collect data around it. Once analyzed, you can more easily implement improvements or innovation, and then monitor them on dashboards for further analysis.



“Overall the experience has been great…We really like the dashboard and the project repository. The dashboard allows our VPs to look at it and at a quick glance and be able to see the status of our projects and savings goals. With the repository, I am able to go into it and see exactly what my team is working on and the status of the projects.”

Jim T.
Manager of Continuous Improvement

“Excellent [and easy-to-implement] project tracking, management of projects, archiving documents related to project, and dashboard.”

Luis C.
Process Engineer

Minitab's colorful periodic table of structured problem-solving methodologies.

“I don't believe there is anything close to competing with [Minitab] for those in business and industry that are managing many projects that may use a plethora of different tools and applications. I teach LSS Black Belts and Master Black Belts at dozens of companies and I wouldn't recommend any other software for them to manage their projects. Minitab (Engage) is a very intuitively-designed software program for Continuous Improvement specialists to manage projects all in one place. A common headache is the need for many programs. [Minitab] has all of the soft skill templates, forms, and project flow in one place. It is phenomenal.”

Stephen S.