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Data Integration and Data Prep Tools

Do you want to access data sources with fewer roadblocks? Minitab can help you integrate and blend data to create a powerful data warehouse. Our solution can prepare your data quickly and effortlessly for analysis and delivery!

Minitab Connect is a best-in-class data integration and preparation tool for business professionals

Bring Data Together

Learn how Minitab helped a Fortune 50 telecom company get a complete view of its customers’ service needs, enabling the enterprise to more efficiently solve customers’ problems through digital self-service, rather than needing to reach out to customer service representatives.

With a 360° view of its users’ troubleshooting journeys—from online self-service support content, to picking up the phone, to be connected with live support—the client identified areas where online support content could be improved to empower its customers to easily resolve issues on their own. Armed with these critical analyses, the company was able to save more than $2.3 million in call center costs alone over the course of two years.

Data Prep

We know all too well that manually converting thousands, let alone millions, of rows of data into actionable insights is no walk in the park. For many analysts, making sense of raw data can take hours of manipulating, cleaning, and prepping in Excel spreadsheets, using pivot tables, transformations, and VLOOKUPS. And it takes even more work if they’re less familiar with technical coding languages. Not to mention that manual data prep leaves more room for errors. Ultimately, the hours of labor and risks to data quality are why many lean on developers and IT partners to handle their data prep using SQL or an advanced database coding system.

But in this day and age, shouldn’t data users of all technical skill levels have the capability to easily reformat data sets, rename data fields, filter out content, or compute functions without having to rely on outside teams for help? We think so! And it’s why we developed the self-service tools in Minitab ConnectTM, to help any user shape, enrich, contextualize, and explore their data for analysis.

Cloud Based Data Preparation and Integration Tools

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to piece together analysis from disconnected and missing data. Without access to critical data and the ability to integrate different data sources, analysis can feel like trying to fit a square into a circle If you know you’re not getting the most out of your analytics and you can’t see the full picture, turn to Minitab. We’re here to help!

While we appreciate data analysis more than most, we recognize that an equally important part of the process happens before the actual analysis can even begin. With Minitab’s cloud-based, end-to-end platform, you can access different data sources, blend your data, prepare it for analysis, and analyze it on one integrated ecosystem. You can create unique visualizations on dashboards or leverage our statistical and predictive analytics engine to drive deeper insights!

We have over 50 years’ experience in analytics, which gives us unique insight into where you’re going with your data. And we built a data journey that can actually get you where you want to go. The easier and faster you can get to your analysis, the more value you can deliver!



Minitab Connect was rated the highest Data Integration Tool in Gartner Peer Insights for 2 years in a row!

Minitab Connect dashboard of data integration with various graphs for data analysis.



“I can combine and analyze data from databases, cloud, and on-premise apps, unstructured data, spreadsheets, and other sources with ease. Flexible, automated processes assist in speeding up every step of the data integration process, while vital data preparation and visualization tools aid in discovering game-changing insights.”

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