Diagramming and Mind Mapping

Harness the power of visual business tools to drive innovation, improvement and execution 


Visual Business Tools

Are you tired of needing a handful of software solutions to brainstorm. Build flow charts for processes, or organizational charts, create value stream maps that identify key areas of value to improve? We were, too. Meet our diagramming and mapping solution that does it all!

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Learn how Minitab provides a one-stop-shop for all your diagramming and mind-mapping needs.

Process Mapping

Learn how to build the best process maps to identify areas of improvement.

Mind Mapping & Brainstorming Tools

Capture and organize your ideas to help you solve your problems.

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Warehouse damage design

See a quick demonstration of Minitab’s Mind-Mapping and Brainstorming tools in action.

Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is a cornerstone of the Lean process improvement methodology, and also is a recognized tool used in Six Sigma. A value stream map illustrates the flow of materials and information as a product or service moves through a process. Creating a “current state” value stream map can help you identify waste and also makes it easier to envision an improved state for process in the future.

A One-Stop Shop for All the Visual Tools You Need

Most diagramming and mind mapping solutions support one use case. If you want to brainstorm, use a Mind Map. Need an org chart? There’s software for that. Want to build a flow chart? Invest in yet another application. The reality is you want to do all these things! So ,you’re presented with one of two choices: purchase multiple solutions from different vendors, or try to adapt office solutions to accomplish all the above. Until now.

With Minitab’s Diagramming and Mind Mapping Solutions, you get all the tools you need. After all, isn’t that what a solution is supposed to be? Want to brainstorm? Leverage one of the many tools Minitab offers. Different mapping techniques provide versatility and flexibility to help you create the flow chart that best suits your needs. Additionally, Minitab’s ecosystem offers a variety of useful tools, templates, data access, analysis, and even project management solutions, so you can put your diagrams into action!

We built these solutions because we’ve been diagramming solutions and mapping ideas for over 50 years. We understand your needs and limitations. By offering a variety of diagramming tools and templates, we can help you exceed those expectations!

“Minitab has great visualization tools that help us increase the efficiency of our work and optimize the solutions we develop for the problems we encounter. Minitab [provides] the essential solutions, such as brainstorming diagrams [and] process visualization maps that increases the efficiency of our business processes.”

Stella J.
Chief Information Officer

Our Customers


“Minitab helps us in a great way…Minitab reduces the complex processes to a straightforward level by its comprehensive process maps and diagrams, along with reducing the process risks by helping to define the failure points and act before process starts with its visualization tools.”

Nicolas B.
Managing Director

Two Minitab process maps with grid features to organize by department and by design, plan, and develop steps.

“Creating tables and charts is easy for all users. The software has a friendly interface and shortcuts to the most used functions.  It gives results quickly and displays the edits in real-time …  employees can analyze the data and share their opinions quickly to improve our productivity. We have achieved a corporate culture of total transparency.”

Henri H
Data Analyst