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Our Food & Beverage Manufacturing Solutions

With Minitab, you can increase production yields and bring safer food and beverage products to market faster. Our solutions can predict changes to your process or fluctuations in demand to eliminate problems before they occur. And that means you can prevent downtime, reduce defects, and deliver better tasting and higher quality food and drinks to your customers.

Minitab helps food and beverage manufacturers reduce costs while improving the quality of their products.

Conserve Resources

Minitab has numerous tools and features that can help you conserve resources, save time and money. Our white paper, "Optimize Energy Efficiency in Food Manufacturing," explains how Design of Experiments (DOE) can be used to save energy.

Improve Quality & Quantity

Food demand continues to increase year-over-year due to our growing global population. There are ways to keep up with rising food demand thanks to the power of statistics. Discover these methods and use cases, specifically on increasing efficiencies, improving quality, and uncovering savings, by downloading our free Food Manufacturing eBook!

Prevent Contamination

It's especially vital for manufacturers in the food and beverage industry to ensure food safety in their products so their consumers don't get sick. Nothing in life is perfect, though, and 100% prevention is nearly impossible. If and when food safety is compromised, Minitab provides the solutions to identify the failure and take action to correct it.

Conduct Taste Tests

There are a number of reasons to run taste tests. Perhaps you’re changing a recipe because the price of ingredients inflated and you’re looking to reduce costs. You may be introducing a new product to market, or you simply want to see how your product compares to the competition. Minitab can help you analyze the feedback from taste tests to ensure that you’re getting deep and meaningful insights.

Ensure Consistency

One of the essential components of successful food and beverage production is consistency. Quantifiable measurements, rather than simply tasting, are needed to ensure quality and consistency. Minitab makes statistical quality control easy to ensure you make the same product every time.

Create the Perfect Recipe

What’s a baker with quality on their mind to do when their favorite sugar cookie recipe produced cookies that failed to hold their festive holiday shape after being baked? Run a Design of Experiment (DOE), of course!

Helping You Make High-Quality Products for Consumers to Enjoy

We know ensuring quality and safety standards are your highest priorities, followed closely by finding new ways to reduce costs. And that means inventory needs to be optimized so less product spoils or goes to waste. Fortunately, Minitab’s solutions have been developed to meet the needs of the food manufacturing plants of today and the factories of the future.

Only Minitab enables you to address each challenge in one market-leading ecosystem. Our solutions give you the power to collect your data automatically, or allow operators to manually enter data so you can monitor your processes in real-time. Reduce sacrificed lots with help from instant alarms that alert you to defects as they occur, giving you the power to make corrections before it’s too late. Plus, our solutions analyze your findings to make improvements and leverage prediction technology to catch problems in your manufacturing process or machinery proactively. 



100% of the Fortune 100 and over 90% of the Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Manufacturers use Minitab solutions to create, manufacture, and deliver their products to market.

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Brian Mapani - Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


"PremierFMCG is a major player in the fast-moving consumer goods space... For a company that's been around for a long time and with locations all around Southern Africa, continuous improvement means you've got to keep getting better to be a player in the market. Rethinking a recipe formulation saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. We achieved even more success using Companion by Minitab® (now Minitab Engage™) for our Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement program, saving us over $20 million."

Brian Mapani
National Continuous Improvement Manager & Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, PremierFMCG