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Semiconductor manufacturing is not only one of the most technologically advanced sectors, but it’s also among the most cost-intensive. As semiconductor-based devices have become commonplace in everything from personal computers to phones and cars, demand has continued to increase. As volume increases, the need for more robust quality initiatives rises. Most manufacturers are using statistical software, like Minitab, to solve certain problems, but there remains an opportunity to expand their scope and deliver more value.

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Process Monitoring & Improvement

Semiconductor devices are built in a series of nanofabrication processes performed on the surface of wafers. Process monitoring should be a critical component of each step from cleaning, coating and baking all the way through etching, activation and assembly. Through Minitab’s market leader statistical process control solutions, semiconductor manufacturers can monitor processes to see if they’re capable and in control. Additionally, areas that may need improvement can be identified. 

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Sampling Plans

In semiconductor manufacturing, optimization of the sampling measurement plan through production steps is critical to maximize productive performances. A strong plan can guarantee high quality and compliance to wafer specification limits. Estimate your required sample size faster and easier than ever with Minitab’s Sample Size Module.

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Optimize Equipment Settings for Best Results

Trying to optimize manufacturing processes through trial and error can be a lengthy and costly process that may not yield the best results. Using statistical analysis, like designs of experiments, is useful to help identify the best settings for manufacturing equipment – even in more complex manufacturing processes. Learn how Minitab can help you design experiments and build predictive models to help you optimize the parameters of your manufacturing processes.

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Improve Supplier Specifications to Reduce Scrap

With increasing demands and rising costs, efficiency is key. By analyzing parts from your suppliers and simulating your manufacturing process, you can provide better specifications. This will not only reduce scrap but will also enable you to manufacture a better performing, higher quality product. 

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Address Supply Chain Challenges

With increasing demand for semiconductors, there is constant strain on the supply chain for both components and finished goods. Minitab can help you address your supply chain challenges through process improvement tools and strategies. Our data analysis and monitoring will ensure consistent, on-time delivery of your product and will pinpoint changes that can help you optimize inventory, eliminate backorders and operate as efficiently as possible.   

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Forecast Energy Costs

Production of semi-conductive material, which is the foundation for many electronics, requires high energy consumption. As demand increases and production ramps up, manufacturers do not have the luxury of simply shutting down manufacturing to reduce energy costs. Understanding these costs – and being able to project them – is not only critical to having clarity on the cost of the goods produced, but also creates opportunities for cost savings.  As a result, budgets can be projected more accurately and pricing can be better informed to ensure profitability. Learn how one semiconductor manufacturer partnered with Minitab to forecast their electricity consumption and reduce their energy costs.

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Enhance Yields

According to McKinsey & Company, semiconductor companies can lose millions of dollars through yield losses. Yield losses are the losses that occur due to defects, rework, or scrap in the output of a machine or a process.  Quality control, supported by proven tools and methodologies, enable organizations to drive higher yields and significant savings.

Blue wafer map for defects.

Minitab Understands the Growing Needs of The Semiconductor Industry

As demand for semiconductors grows, the semiconductor industry faces new challenges. There is an increasing need to scale up manufacturing efficiently and effectively while ensuring that a high-quality product is being produced. On-time delivery of components and finished goods are critical to keeping the global supply chain moving. Processes that are inefficient hamper innovation and delay delivery to the market. Semiconductor organizations need a partner to help them solve problems quickly so the technologies that consumers and businesses rely on everyday can continue to run and can be made available.

That’s where Minitab can help. 

We’ve developed solutions that help the leading semiconductor organizations become the best version of themselves. We built an ecosystem that utilizes problem solving and data analysis to provide insight into improvement opportunities, which creates significant value.

Only Minitab empowers you to improve your processes through a deep and thoughtful analysis of your data, regardless of your skill or experience level. 

Minitab’s solutions allow you to:

  • Build a structured innovation program that can be tracked from idea generation to execution.
  • Design and develop reliable products.
  • Map out processes to identify areas for improvement.
  • Monitor processes to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Leverage the power of business intelligence for quick insights.
  • Harness statistics and machine learning for deeper insights.



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