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Cloud-Based Data Warehousing, Preparation and Analytics Infrastructure


Infrastructure You Can Trust

You need trustworthy solutions that are secure, scalable and can help your organization become more efficient and productive. With Minitab’s cloud born infrastructure, you can leverage an end-to-end solution for all your organization’s data collection and analytics needs, or build a solution based on our modular platform. With over 50 years of experience, our solution is certified secure and private!

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Learn from an industry expert how IT teams can partner with operational excellence teams to be drivers of digital transformation at their organization.

Build vs. Buy

Organizations regularly face challenges that require technical software solutions. Finding the optimal solution often means determining whether to buy a software solution or rely on an internal team to build one from scratch. Explore the five key questions to help you understand your organization and whether you should build or buy.

Benefits of Buying

The technical challenges your organization faces, whether it is struggling with logistics planning, organizing data, or managing enterprise-level processes – are likely varied – but not necessarily unique. We have highlighted four reasons to choose the option to “buy” your next data management software solution.

Signs a Build is Going Bad

You decided to build. A custom enterprise software solution in-house seemed like the best means of solving your technical challenges. No matter the technical challenge you seek to resolve, the decision to build is regularly met with challenges in implementation, maintenance, upkeep, and sheer know-how. Read on for the top three scenarios where, in our experience, a self-made build isn’t likely to work out.

IT professionals are generally short on two things: time and resources. They need solutions that drive business objectives – and can be utilized by their organization without constant support. They also need to be easy to manage and meet their security and infrastructure needs. That’s why Minitab is a great partner to IT professionals.

Minitab offers low and no-code solutions aimed at enabling IT to both provide best-in-class solutions to their constituents and leverage the solutions to meet their own needs. With solutions for accessing data, warehousing data, integrating data and analyzing data, Minitab provides a platform for IT professionals to accelerate digital transformation across their organizations.



“No matter how big or siloed your data is, (Minitab) will mash it up with other data sets to create a useful, cross organization dashboard. Since we started using (Minitab) we began seeing increased insight into our key business drivers…”

Carrie B
Sr. Director, Information Technology

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“Cloud capabilities are perfect…On data migration, the ability to use numerous data sources is extremely trustworthy… The ability to analyze large amounts of data is outstanding…The ability of a team to collaborate is quite dependable.”

Mohiuddin R
Business IT Specialist