Reliability & Life Data Analysis

Ensure your product, component, manufacturing plant, or process achieves its intended function without failure.


Reliability Analysis Module

Minitab offers an extensive array of reliability tools, along with a module designed to help you effortlessly implement them for your data analysis. Minitab’s Reliability Module places the most robust problems, from traditional reliability and warranty analysis to Accelerated Life Testing, to life data models in one convenient location. 

Minitab's reliability analysis dashboard with tools to assess the risk and reliability of products to prevent failures.

Product Development & Innovation: Predict and Prevent Product Failure

Reliability analysis plays a crucial part in developing and testing new and innovative products.  By assessing the reliability of prototypes and identifying potential points of failure, organizations can proactively make design improvements. This helps to save costs and brings innovations to the market faster.  Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Minitab’s reliability solutions can help your organization accelerate reliable, high-quality new products, and innovations. 

Six lamp shades with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

In a fast-changing industry where time-to-market and product reliability give a competitive edge, discover how Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, rapidly validates their new innovations with Minitab.

Quality Control & Risk Assessment

Reliability analysis is a valuable tool in quality control processes. It helps to identify defects, determine failure rates, and assess the reliability of products or processes over time. By analyzing failure data, companies can make informed decisions regarding process improvements, material selection, risk mitigation strategies, and quality assurance techniques.  

Colorful dial leaning against a gray car showing the component reliability after ten years.

Accelerated Life Testing

Reliability analysis can quantify the probability of failure and its potential consequences, enabling organizations to identify critical areas and prioritize resources. Accelerated Life Testing expedites the failure process so that you can get reliability estimates on parts or products that otherwise would take several years of use to wear out and fail.

Pile of silver ball bearings.

Learn how to calculate an accelerate life test in Minitab. 

Warranty Analysis

Warranty analysis can be used to estimate warranty costs, forecast warranty costs, determine warranty periods, and evaluate the impact of design or manufacturing changes on warranty claims. By analyzing warranty data, manufacturers can identify potential issues, improve product quality, and optimize warranty policies. Using the results from their analysis, organizations can better allocate resources to address future product failures adequately.  

Various car parts including bolts, bearings, washers, and more.

Asset Management

Reliability analysis is used in asset management to optimize maintenance strategies and minimize downtime. By analyzing failure patterns and maintenance records, organizations can determine the most cost-effective maintenance intervals, predict equipment failures, and plan proactive maintenance strategies. 

Large factory with a production line of yellow machines and spare part storage in the background.

Understand how analyzing unscheduled maintenance can help to proactively identify a failure mode before it happens. 

Reliability, Warranty, and Life Data Analysis

Reliability is a critical component of product performance that directly impacts your organization’s customer satisfaction and brand reputation. That’s why you need a robust and reliable solution to help you tackle all your reliability challenges. 

For over 50 years, Minitab has been providing the broadest array of reliability tools to companies around the globe. As the market leader, Minitab is the partner of choice for reliability engineers, quality experts, and innovators to help them solve different types of reliability problems:

  • Automatically or manually collect data for analysis
  • Ensure reliability
  • Perform Accelerated Life Testing 
  • Predict and prevent failure rates 
  • Forecast warranty expenses
  • Implement life data analysis

In addition to specific reliability-focused solutions, only Minitab offers a true Solutions AnalyticsTM platform to support your entire problem-solving ecosystem. Regardless of your role in engineering, quality, process improvement, or R&D, our solutions can help you harness the power of your data to do your job better, easier, and faster.



“Because we’re using Minitab, it’s much easier to communicate about business problems. There’s an expectation that you have a good understanding of your data, and that gets us to the root of the problem more quickly.”



“Minitab makes it easy for practitioners to organize, analyze, and present data in meaningful, easy-to-digest ways. It takes the guesswork out for the users so that they can focus on the content, not the cumbersome math behind the calculations.”

- Chia-Chun C.
Senior Process Engineer

Process capability sixpack report and regression tree on top of a boxplot and heatmap, all created with Minitab.



"Creating tables and charts is easy for all users. The software has a friendly interface and shortcuts to the most used functions. Moreover, it gives results quickly and displays the edits in real-time...employees can analyze the data and share their opinions quickly to improve our productivity. We have achieved a corporate culture of total transparency.”

Henry H.
Data Analyst