TBD = To be determined

*The Support End Date in the table above references when customers will no longer receive support with use of the software, interpretation of output, installation, product activation, and licensing help. In some cases, Minitab Technical Support may provide limited licensing support for an additional period past the Support End Date as described above.

Minitab License Manager

The Minitab License Manager software is utilized in multi-user installations. This software manages the licensing information and allows Minitab applications to launch. As with our main products, we enhance and upgrade our License Manager solutions and as such, need to sunset older versions. The chart below outlines the currently supported versions of the Minitab License Manager and the compatible versions of Minitab applications. We encourage all our customers to be on the latest versions of all of our solutions to take advantage of our world class support, features and functionality.

Version Released Support End Date Minitab Versions Environments Supported


TBD Minitab: 18.x, 19.x, 20.x
Workspace: 1.x
Companion: 5.4.x, 5.5x
Windows: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 10

macOS: 10.13, 10.14
1.110 27-October-2021 TBD Minitab: 18.x, 19.x, 20.x, 21.x
Workspace: 1.x
Companion: 5.4.x, 5.5x
Windows: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 10

Technical Support Questions

How do I create a fractional factorial design in Minitab?

What does the number of distinct categories mean in the Gage R&R output, and how is it calculated?

When I analyze my data using regression, I get an error. What does the error mean?

Statistical Consulting Questions

Should I create a fractional factorial design for my project?

I have four distinct categories, according to my Gage R&R output. Is this acceptable?

Should I use regression to analyze my data?

In some cases, our technical support staff may provide assistance with statistical concepts as part of answering a question about software use. But questions that are clearly about statistical concepts are referred to our statistical consultants, all of whom are seasoned statisticians with years of quality improvement experience.