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Looking for solutions that can kick-start your continuous improvement initiatives, formalize your process, or monitor and measure results? Only Minitab can provide solutions powerful enough for formalized continuous improvement programs and simple enough to help you start a simple project or complex initiative.

Minitab can help you plan projects and improve processes through visual tools. Plus, our solutions can help you collect and analyze data using graphical tools, statistics, and predictive analytics so you can actually implement improvements!

Learn how Armstrong Flooring™ partners with Minitab and Minitab Engage™ to manage their Lean Six Sigma projects and their overall Continuous Improvement program deployment.

Best-in-Class Statistics & Analytics

Statistics & analytics are critical to continuous improvement projects and initiatives. After all, if you can’t measure your improvement, how can you know if your efforts were successful? But your analysis shouldn’t stop there. Once you’ve implemented a process improvement, you should be monitoring it to ensure it is sustainable and that you’re getting the full benefit of your project. Only Minitab offers an end-to-end solution to access your data, analyze it, measure your progress, and continue to monitor it .

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Watch a quick demonstration of our market-leading statistical software.

Visibility into Projects & Savings

For continuous improvement and operational excellence initiatives to succeed, they must demonstrate the impact they are having on the organization. To do so, continuous improvement leaders must have visibility into the savings from projects and the overall program. Only Minitab has solutions built specifically to collect data, analyze it, and demonstrate, in real-time, the savings delivered.

Implementing a Successful CI Program

If you’re currently managing projects and continuous improvement deployments in your role, you know that training and educating stakeholders to be a part of implementation and monitoring is critical to long-term success. Gain expert insight from a global leader in design and innovative flooring solutions, as they present how to leverage our operational excellence and innovation platform to implement a successful CI program.

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In this webinar, Armstrong Flooring CI professionals highlight the power of partnering with Minitab to implement a successful CI program.


Lean organizations have the right resources in place doing the right work for the customer, with the right quality, at the right time. Minitab provides the tools and infrastructure to enable organizations to eliminate waste and non-value-added activity (NVA) through their continuous improvement work.

Access a comprehensive set of customizable Lean tools in one easy-to-use, easy-to-share file.

Improvement – Accelerated. Use customizable roadmaps that include the tools and guidance you need to efficiently run Kaizen Events, Just Do It projects, and more.

Lean Six Sigma

Minitab gives you all the tools you need to execute Lean Six Sigma projects efficiently.

From project idea, to problem solution, Minitab Engage provides the infrastructure, governance, and tools so organizations can spend less time managing projects and more time moving them forward.

Minitab can provide the whole lean six sigma toolkit, from analytics to roadmaps, that are pre-populated with all the Lean Six Sigma tools you need. And since everything is saved in one platform, you can manage your projects quicker and easier.

  • Statistical Software
  • Project Charter
  • Fishbone
  • C&E Matrix
  • Process Map
  • Value Stream Map

Follow a DMAIC roadmap through each step of your project, or build your own to reflect your company’s improvement methodology.

Design for Six Sigma

Use Design for Six Sigma for the efficient commercialization of new products and processes, and ensure successful development from requirements definition to final qualification test with Minitab Engage’s integrated DfSS toolkit.

Follow a proven Concept-Design-Optimize-Verify (CDOV) roadmap through each step of your project, or build your own roadmap to reflect your company’s DfSS methodology. Tools are logically linked to the phases in your development process, so you work faster and projects are easy to organize, share, and replicate.

Project Management with Minitab Engage

Innovation, idea management, and operational excellence are critical to organizational success now more than ever. Successful improvement programs rely on dedicated budget, innovative ideas, and people to deliver necessary results, which need to be shared with stakeholders in a meaningful way. Discover how Minitab Engage is the only solution designed to start, track, manage, and share innovation and improvement initiatives from idea generation through execution.

Watch the webinar to see the power of Minitab Engage as the only solution designed for the successful implementation, management and measurement of CI programs.

The Market Leader in Continuous Improvement

As a continuous improvement professional, you need solutions that will allow you to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control processes from start to finish. You also need solutions that are easy enough to use to gain broader adoption in your organization so your projects can be a success. The basic project management tools and business analytics in your organization might be readily available, but we know their shortcomings in statistics and structured problem-solving tools make your job more difficult and lower your probability of success.

That’s exactly why Minitab built solutions designed by continuous improvement professionals for continuous improvement professionals across all disciplines.

We offer solutions that enable brainstorming, data collection, and analysis, and ongoing monitoring of improvement initiatives. With configuration for all disciplines of improvement, including Lean, Kaizen, Design for Six Sigma, and Quality Functional Deployment, only Minitab offers solutions built specifically for continuous improvement.

For over 50 years, Minitab has been working on continuous improvement. We have partnered with more consultants and improvement departments around the globe than anyone else, which is why we continue to be the undisputed leader in continuous improvement solutions!



“[Minitab] is essential to our lean initiatives. Prior to [Minitab], we managed everything on Microsoft Excel and [it] was tedious … As an administrator, I am able to quickly train …with a minimal learning curve, as the software is extremely user-friendly. The ability to incorporate all the tools needed to manage a project, whether it be a small Just-Do-It, a kaizen event, or a lengthy DMAIC project, all in one place, is really convenient.”

Joel D.
Lean Specialist



“I started using Minitab when I did Green Belt training …It has helped me [find] solutions to old problems. It is an incredible [solution that] is very simple and intuitive to use. For those who use the 6 Sigma methodology, it is essential.”

Higor S
Continuous Improvement Professional

Minitab's colorful periodic table of structured problem-solving methodologies.



“With its easy-to-use interface, Minitab is really one of the best applications out there … I use Minitab to analyze process data for overall product and quality improvement purposes. Minitab has helped me achieve many millions of dollars of improvements in processes over the years. I use it for measurement system analyses, product performance analyses, and for quality reporting.”

Micky J.