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With Minitab’s solutions, you can leverage data to recruit the best talent for your organization. Plus, map out onboarding and training to ensure employee success, measure engagement for retention, analyze compensation and benefits, predict turnover, and course correct.

Improve Recruiting

Recruiting is the lifeblood for any thriving organization. Employing the right talent can infuse instant contributions, while wrong talent can stall the advancement of objectives for an organization, or even set a company back. Using simple statistical analysis, HR recruiters can employ a scientific approach for recruitment to target the right candidates and onboard them quickly.

Critical Tools

Minitab not only helps human resource professionals analyze their data, we also help them brainstorm, plan, and map out onboarding processes, build org charts, and identify areas of improvement.

Four business people using Minitab's project charters to manage and organize their project in a cafe.

Reduce Turnover

While much can be learned from traditional exit interviews, analyzing data about employee turnover can help to lead to insights that drive retention. Learn how a large Ohio manufacturer of aerospace engine parts used Minitab to gain insights into their hiring process, which led to lower turnover rates.

Data Driven Employee Evaluations

When the leading sugar manufacturer and exporter in Thailand wanted to promote fair compensation, they took a data-driven approach to employee evaluations. By standardizing the appraisal forms, and analyzing the data with Minitab, they were able to minimize bias among department managers, establish guidelines for fair compensation, and help plan for each employee’s personal development.

Engineering manager overseeing a white sugar production line with TRR Group logo in the corner.

Make Your HR Operations More Effective

Workforce management can be overwhelming. And trying to understand and predict behaviors can be difficult unless you have the proper tools. Recruiting, onboarding, retaining, and engaging with employees each have their own unique sets of challenges and tasks, and Human Resource departments are often asked to deliver on all of them, without being given the tools to truly understanding the drivers behind them. HR professionals need solutions to help make their day-to-day easier, while also helping to shape their overall strategy.

That’s why Minitab’s solutions focus on helping human resources with their processes and their data analysis. Need to map out onboarding or development paths? No problem. Want a simple way to build an org chart? We have that too. Are you looking to collect data to analyze recruiting, engagement or predict churn? We can help with all of that. Not sure you know where to begin? We’ll train you.

Whether you’re the head of human resources or an analyst in the department, we can help. Only Minitab offers HR professionals the support, expertise, and solutions to help them understand their organization.

We’ve been helping HR departments provide solutions to collect, monitor, and measure data with an eye toward improvement for over 50 years.With our services, training, and education, Minitab can help you understand what’s going on with your organizations, so you can take a proactive approach with your workforce.



“Minitab has great visualization tools that help us increase the efficiency of our work and optimize the solutions we develop for the problems we encounter…that increases the efficiency of our business processes.”

Stella J.
Chief Information Officer

“Creating tables and charts is easy for all users. The software has a friendly interface and shortcuts to the most used functions. It gives results quickly and displays the edits in real-time. Employees can analyze the data and share their opinions quickly to improve our productivity. We have achieved a corporate culture of total transparency.”


Quality candidate smiling and shaking hands with the human resource manager.



"The tools built into Minitab make it easy for even a novice statistician to get meaningful results. Help topics and examples are plentiful, with the option to explore the theory behind the recommended tests through supporting topics.”

Travis B.
Quality Engineer