Supply Chain

Solutions that tackle challenges across the supply chain


Supply Chain Solutions

Minitab supply chain solutions are here to help you ensure consistent, on-time delivery that meets customer expectations! Our solutions can help you analyze cycle times to find areas of improvement. Then you can pinpoint changes that will help you optimize inventory, eliminate backorders, and operate as efficiently as possible.   

Supply Chain Module

With Minitab’s Supply Chain Module, you don’t have to learn statistics to analyze your data.

Our solution lets you collect your data in real-time or analyze it later, so you can concentrate on what really matters. You’ll be able to easily analyze your findings to make improvements to cycle time, inventory management, or delivery times, and leverage the power of prediction to catch problems proactively, which protects you and your organization’s bottom line.

Let our solution make analysis easier, so you can focus on what really matters, like, improving KPIs, such as, cycle time, inventory, delivery, quality, profitability, and costs. If you have questions, we’re with you every step of your analysis! Simply reach out to our industry-leading technical support team via phone or email for assistance.

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Leverage the power of data analysis to tackle challenges in your supply chain with Minitab's Supply Chain Module.

End-to-End Solutions  

Download our infographic to see how Minitab can help companies easily analyze their data to make improvements to every step in their supply chain.  

Problem-Solving Solutions

Download our one-pager to learn how Minitab can help solve some of the most common supply chain challenges.  

Predict & Prevent Backorder

Optimizing inventory, like most problem-solving, requires a thoughtful process and a few steps. Naturally, the easiest way to prevent backorders is to always have a lot of inventory on hand. There are ramifications for not optimizing inventory, though. By overproducing and maintaining high inventory levels, products could spoil or even decay. Excess inventory not only creates costs today, it also generates hidden costs later if you need to produce more goods to replace products that sat on the shelf for too long.

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Address the Bullwhip

The pandemic has left companies stressed about fluctuating demand and balancing their supply chains. This phenomenon of demand distortion in a supply chain is referred to as the “bullwhip” effect. Luckily, this effect can be battled with the power of statistics. Download our free eBook to learn the 3 steps we specifically suggest to combat the bullwhip effect in your supply chain

Optimize Supply Chain Operations

As a supply chain professional, it’s up to you to manage the resources and suppliers that are essential to the operations of your organization. You enable the operations to flow and grow, so any efficiency you gain benefits your entire organization! When changes happen up and down the supply chain, you must be prepared to act so you can avoid problems and keep things running smoothly.   

Only Minitab offers specific supply chain solutions to help optimize operations, while also preparing for the inevitable changes ahead.  From cash-to-cash cycle times, to customer order cycle times, to Days Sales Outstanding (DSOs), to critical inventory levels, Minitab can help!

Our solutions help you collect data and monitor it on dashboards that automatically measure your key performance indicators. Instant alarms let you know when things are off track, or about to go off track, so you can take immediate action. Minitab’s visualization and analytical tools enable you to dive deeper into the issue to implement corrective action so that it doesn’t happen again.



“Best tool for forecasting future demand. Minitab helps to import massive data and performs almost every operation. Forecast reports helps to implement the effective future planning of supply orders and production volumes that our customers can use.”

Supply Chain professional



“Importing and connecting data with Minitab is beneficial, as it centralized all the data into one platform, making it easy to govern, track, and monitor all the data.”

Telecommunications professional

Marketing team in a meeting discussing marketing data analytics using a chart from Minitab's marketing solutions.

“[Minitab is] our data hub. The software is genuinely transformative and it sorted all the challenges we had leveraging data within the company.”

Supply Chain professional