Live Analytics

Automate the access and analysis of your data  

Solutions Topics

True Analytics Dashboards

Business is evolving, and so should your dashboards. Leverage Live Analytics for automated, differentiated insights and go beyond simple business intelligence visualizations.

Empower Your Data Stars

Make it easy for your power users, scientists, and engineers to deliver more advanced analyses to help you make better business decisions. Now everyone in your organization can transform their data into knowledge on a convenient and shareable platform.

Strengthen Your Analytics Culture

Improve the data literacy of your team, fuel collaboration and put your organization's analytics roadmap into overdrive.

Automated, Real-Time Analytics

Dashboards provide a single view of the most critical metrics of analysis. Take your insights to the next level with automated real-time analytics to deliver more advanced analyses for your organization. Live Analytics Powered by Minitab® provides all data professionals with the ability to easily create and incorporate their statistical analytics into powerful visualizations.



“Because we’re using Minitab, it’s much easier to communicate about business problems. There’s an expectation that you have a good understanding of your data, and that gets us to the root of the problem more quickly."


Minitab's latest analytics solution empowers users to take advantage of true analytics dashboards on a single platform.

"When Right Source’s Lean Six Sigma team implemented these solutions, the results exceeded their expectations. The company reduced 10 or more day WIP inventory by more than 40%, raised productivity by 30%, and increased provider response by 2%."