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Data-Driven Solutions to Increase Yields, Reduce Costs and Downtime, and Predict Trends

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Our Energy & Natural Resources Solutions

Tackle your challenges today and implement solutions that will help prevent problems in the future. Using the power of Minitab’s analytics, monitor and improve the performance of your business to increase yields, optimize pricing, and reduce costs.

Minitab partners with nearly every type of energy and natural resource organization, including both traditional and renewable energy.

Boost Production from Existing Projects

The challenge with boosting production from oil wells and mines is doing so without compromising quality. When the world’s largest primary silver producer sought to boost production without compromising quality, they turned to Minitab. With our help, they increased recovery, reduced waste, and drove higher revenues.

Identify Inconsistencies in Manufacturing & Production

Learn how we helped a leading steel manufacturer identify inconsistencies in manufacturing and implement quality controls, which led to improved performance.

Predict Energy Consumption

Learn how to predict energy consumption for different regions, types of businesses, or customers. In this example, we demonstrate how to predict energy consumption for U.S. households.

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Improve Quality of Your Finished Goods

Learn how using improvement methodology and Minitab helped Australia’s leading gold producer keep one of their facilities running as efficiently as possible.

Predictive Analytics & Root Cause Analysis

As you collect more and more observational data from your processes, you’re going to need more powerful tools to provide meaningful insights. Minitab provides modern-day machine learning techniques, alongside traditional statistical tools to analyze, improve, and control your processes.

Minitab Is the Partner of Choice for the Energy & Natural Resource Industry

Between balancing the management of large projects, workforces, expensive equipment, and monitoring pricing in the market, little time is left for data collection (and even less time for analysis). That’s where we can help. Our solutions empower you to do a deep and thoughtful analysis of your data, regardless of your skill or experience level.

Our ecosystem is the only one that enables an end-to-end solution, from data access, to aggregation, to analysis, Minitab’s solutions provide insight into improvement opportunities, which create significant value. We can also help combine disparate data sets with best-in-class data integration tools. And that means you’ll get a holistic analysis, allowing you to manage and share data and results on dashboards across the globe.

Minitab’s solutions allow you to:

  • Analyze equipment performance to prevent downtime
  • Automate reporting and monitoring
  • Build and share dashboards
  • Increase yields and recovery rates
  • Improve performance of your supply chain
  • Improve data integrity
  • Forecast pricing of commodities




Approximately 80% of the Energy & Natural Resources companies in the Fortune 500 partner with Minitab.



"I use Minitab every day to evaluate anything, anytime."

Carlos F
Metallurgical Engineer

Solar panel cell in an open field with a sunset sky background.



“Creating tables and charts is easy for all users. The software has a friendly interface and shortcuts to the most used functions. Moreover, it gives results quickly and displays the edits in real-time… employees can analyze the data and share their opinions quickly to improve our productivity. We have achieved a corporate culture of total transparency.”

Henri H
Data analyst