The Partner of Choice for Engineers Across the Globe 


Solutions Built for Engineers

Minitab provides a multitude of solutions for engineers to aid in problem solving and analytics. Attack problems with brainstorming tools, plan projects and process improvements through visual tools, and then collect data and analyze it, all within the Minitab ecosystem. Our solutions can help you find the answers you need using graphical tools, statistics, and predictive analytics.

Male industrial engineer working in a factory using Minitab's structured problem-solving tools on his tablet.

Quality Engineering

For quality professionals, it is crucial to quickly and clearly identify the root cause when customers are experiencing problems with services or products. Minitab is the ideal partner for quality professionals who want to take on additional projects, or lead the development of a formal continuous improvement or operational excellence program.

Watch the webinar to explore a step-by-step project roadmap to effectively investigate, improve, and maintain a process.

Process Engineering

Process engineers need to understand their processes. Minitab is the expert in process improvement, with solutions designed to identify areas of improvement, measure processes outcomes, and monitor them. See an example of how Minitab can help with capability statistics that tell you how well your process is meeting the specifications that you have.

Chemical Engineering

Statistics plays a big role in all engineering professions and has become even more important for chemical engineers. Because of the proliferation of inexpensive instrumentation, an engineer working in a modern plant has access to a tremendous amount of data. As a result, chemical engineers are dealing with more, and more complex, data than ever before. Learning data analysis and data science skills will enable you to provide unique and in-depth insights from your data that can create significant value for your organization today.

Biomedical Engineering

Applying the principles of biology, medicine, and engineering create life-saving solutions. That’s why Minitab works closely with biomedical engineers to ensure they are creating the safest and highest quality products. Learn how Boston Scientific leveraged Minitab solutions to improve manufacturing and as a result, drove significant savings.

Electrical Engineering

Minitab provides solutions to enable electrical engineers to design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacture of electrical equipment. With different analytical and problem-solving tools, Minitab is the partner of choice for electrical engineers. Learn more about how one electronics maker used one of Minitab’s tools to find better specifications for suppliers and realize significant cost savings.

Reliability Engineering

Imagine your new car breaks down after driving 60 miles. The engine light turns on and your vehicle must now be towed to be serviced. This is not only a warranty issue but also a field problem, due to lack of product reliability. Minitab partners with engineers to both optimize the design of products and ensure reliability to prevent this happening to you.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers work on a wide range of projects from creating detailed designs to conducting simulations and analyses. Mechanical engineers must not only collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to ensure projects are completed successfully and on schedule, but they also play a key role in troubleshooting and resolving technical issues, conducting research, and improving mechanical systems and devices. Minitab provides mechanical engineers the broadest solutions and resources needed to perform their duties better, faster and easier.

The Partner of Choice for Engineers Around the Globe

When there is a problem, engineers are tasked to solve it. As if that isn’t challenging enough, working without proper tools and solutions makes problem-solving more difficult. To truly be successful, engineers need access to data, solutions to integrate and analyze it, project management skills, and templates to improve the process and ensure continuous improvement.

That’s why Minitab created an ecosystem that tackles problem-solving the way engineers do. Need structured problem-solving tools to brainstorm? Check! Want to standardize forms like FMEAs, PPAP, or House of Quality? We have them! Looking to pull data from different sources to analyze on one platform? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re an engineer in quality or process improvement, or in product development, we understand the day-to-day challenges of properly designing and testing. That’s because we’ve been doing it for over 50 years. We provide solutions to collect, monitor, and measure data with an eye toward improvement. Plus, with our services, training, and education, we can help you do your job better and even expand your skillset. We can help solve your problems, so that you can solve them for your organization.



“Minitab [is] the best tool for quality management. I use Minitab to run time series plots, charts, and control charts, as well as Pareto charts, fish bone charts…all the quality data was presented to upper management using Minitab. I would recommend it without hesitation!”

Jose Luis P.
Quality Chief



“I deal with a few projects at a time and Minitab really helps me in understanding the failure points and relations within sub activities of a process. I can do a better root cause analysis to find the origin of a problem and also use the FMEA tool to weigh the severity, occurrence, and detection. I can tell with confidence that we have saved a whole lot of time compared to the hours of discussions and calculations we would have spent if we didn't invest in this software. The efficiency of our team has gone up significantly.”


Rahul V.
Senior Development Engineer

Engineering team meeting to analyze the blueprints of a commercial building using various measurement tools and software.

“Minitab has made it so easy to analyze [my] data... from creating graphs, statistical analysis, and forming reports, it is the best thing an engineer can ask for. You don't need to be an expert to use it.”

Maria M.
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineer