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The business you’re in is rife with challenges. Besides managing people and projects, worrying about safety, and actually getting the job done, you likely have little time to analyze how you could improve performance and results. That’s where we can help you. When you partner with us, we provide the training, support, and solutions necessary to enable you to improve the quality and quantity of your results.

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The way you work is changing. Shouldn’t the way you analyze data change too?

Increase Recovery Rates from Mines

When the world’s leading producer of potash and phosphate crop nutrients sought to improve recovery rates of a mine that consistently underperformed, they used process improvement techniques with Minitab to increase productivity over 50% and increased recovery rates by over 80%.

Improve Efficiency of Mining Facility or Operation

Learn how using Minitab’s improvement methodology helped Australia’s leading gold producer keep one of their facilities running as efficiently as possible.

Increase Quality & Reduce Costs

Learn how using Minitab solutions to analyze data and improve processes can help increase the quality of your products, while reducing waste.

Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

Today’s modern companies have more data at their disposal than ever before. But when it comes to their most critical assets, how should businesses leverage their data to predict and prevent problems before they happen? See an example of how mining companies implemented machine learning to ensure process efficiency and product excellence.

Minitab Is the Partner of Choice for Metals, Mining & Materials

Regardless of what you’re mining—gold, silver, or any other precious resource—the level of efficiency for executing your projects has a significant impact on your bottom line. Understanding the costs of everything, from vendors to your equipment, along with the performance of them, can be the difference between a successful venture and having to shut down a project. We can help you aggregate all the different data points. And, equally important, we can help you analyze your data to identify areas of improvement.

From data access to analysis, Minitab’s ecosystem provides an end-to-end solution that gives you insight into improvement opportunities that create significant value. We also can combine disparate data sets with best-in-class data integration tools for a more holistic analysis, which will allow you to manage and share data and results on dashboards across the globe. Get empowered to do a deep and thoughtful analysis of your data, regardless of your skill or experience level! 

Minitab’s solutions allow you to:

  • Analyze equipment performance to prevent downtime
  • Automate monitoring of vendor costs and performance
  • Real-time tracking of mining processes and resources
  • Connect data from different sources
  • Increase recovery rates
  • Improve mining processes: from drilling to collection
  • Forecast pricing of commodities
  • Prepare and react to changes in the supply chain



Over 85% of the Metals & Mining companies in the Fortune 500 leverage Minitab solutions to tackle their most difficult challenges.



“Minitab (is) the best tool for quality management. I use Minitab to run time series plots, charts and control charts, as well as Pareto charts, fish bone charts…all the quality data was presented to upper management using Minitab…I would recommend it without hesitation!” 

Jose Luis P.
Quality Chief

Conveyor belt transferring metals and stones out of a mine with an improved technique.



"I use Minitab every day to evaluate anything and anytime."

Carlos F
Metallurgical Engineer