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Whether you’re upstream, midstream, or downstream, the processes you implement have a significant impact on your bottom line. You have valuable assets to deliver that need to be preserved, protected, and running smoothly.

Optimizing processes and reducing downtime requires structured problem-solving and data analysis, which can improve margins and reduce variability. Minitab has a collection of solutions to help you make better, data-driven decisions that will produce results.

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Meet Product Specifications

We understand that meeting your customers’ expectations is the most critical part of your process.  If you can’t deliver product that meets the required specifications, then you can’t deliver your inventory.

At Minitab, we understand the ways in which to measure and analyze product specifications to ensure consistency and desired results.  Using continuous improvement tools and methodologies - alongside data analysis - enables you to not only achieve your desired targets, but also continuously improve your product.  The result is more product delivered which means happier customers and a bigger bottom line.

Reduce Supply Chain Costs

The oil & gas industry tends to have more complex supply chains than most industries.  That’s why seeking solution to reduce costs and improve performance are critical to driving competitive advantage.

Throughout the oil supply chain process, when oil is transported to storage, refineries, terminals, and finally to the point of sale, there are multiple opportunities for improvement.  With trains, trucks, ships, and pipelines all playing a role in the transportation of crude oil from production to the point of sale, each deliver unique problems along with opportunities to better your process.

At Minitab, we partner with all the oil & gas equipment services and petroleum refining companies in the Fortune 100 which means we’ve helped the largest companies around the globe improve their supply chain and overall performance.  Our experience and understanding of your industry can help benefit you to reduce costs in your supply chain, even during challenging times.

Reduce Variation

To maximize production of an acceptable product you need consistency in your process.  Statistical process control helps identify variations in your process, thereby providing an opportunity to improve your process and eliminate waste.

For over 50 years Minitab has been the market leader in statistical process control across all industries.  But like you, we’re continuously looking for improvements and innovations that can help you get even better results.  And we can, with our solutions analytics.

Now, you can harness the power of predictive analytics and marry it alongside SPC to predict problems before they occur.  Automatically collect data and deploy a model to predict performance of suppliers or your process.  Reduce variation, maximize profits, and stay on the cutting edge of analytics with Minitab as your partner.  

Drilling Efficiency

In the Oil & Gas sector, industry experts can leverage Minitab's Process Capability Six Pack to thoroughly analyze drilling time data, detect anomalies and explore the stability of their processes. Minitab facilitates the extraction of valuable insights so teams can optimize their drilling procedures to consistently achieve targets.  

 By utilizing Minitab's powerful tools, professionals in the field can unlock the full potential of their data, enhance drilling processes and drive their organizations towards improved operational excellence. 

Continuous Improvement

Minitab supports continuous improvement by providing tools and insights to optimize operational KPIs. With Minitab's robust analytical capabilities and industry-specific expertise, oil & gas companies can enhance their continuous improvement initiatives, leading to increased profitability, operational excellence and data-driven decision-making. 

 From enhancing drilling efficiency and minimizing downtime to maximizing asset utilization, Minitab empowers organizations to drive time and cost savings. 

Minitab Is the Partner of Choice for Oil & Gas Organizations

Being in the energy business means that you face different challenges every day. While you cannot control the global supply-demand dynamics, you can ensure that your business is prepared for volatility in the market and operates at maximum efficiency. Regardless of what role you play in the supply chain, accessing and analyzing data is critical to understanding your business and areas of improvement. Minitab works with oil and gas organizations to help accelerate improvement initiatives and the acquisition of data-driven insights.

Our ecosystem is the only end-to-end solution that provides data access, data aggregation, and analysis. Minitab’s solutions provide insight into improvement opportunities, which create significant value.

Our solution empowers you to do a deep and thoughtful analysis of your data, regardless of your skill or experience level.

Minitab’s solutions allow you to:

  • Analyze equipment performance to prevent downtime
  • Automate monitoring of vendor costs and performance
  • Connect data from different sources
  • Increase yields
  • Improve refinery and distribution processes
  • Forecast pricing of oil, gas, and other commodities
  • Prepare and react to changes in the supply chain



100% of Oil & Gas Equipment Services and Petroleum Refining companies in the Fortune 100 partner with Minitab.



“Minitab (is) the best tool for quality management.  I use Minitab to run time series plots, charts and control charts, as well as Pareto charts, fish bone charts…all the quality data was presented to upper management using Minitab… I would recommend it without hesitation!” 

Jose Luis P.
Quality Chief

Oil drilling derricks at a desert oilfield.



“Overall the experience has been great…We really like the dashboard and the project repository. The dashboard allow our VP's to look at it and at a quick glance be able to see the status of our projects and savings goals. With the repository I am able to go into it and see exactly what my team is working on and the status of the projects.”

Jim T.
Manager of Continuous Improvement