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Minitab helps companies spot trends, solve problems and discover valuable insights in data by delivering a comprehensive and best-in-class suite of machine learning, statistical analysis and process improvement tools.

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Minitab helps Manufacturing Companies to reach new levels of operational performance, increase overall effectiveness and drive innovation.

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Consumer Goods

Minitab helps Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage Manufacturers to discover efficiencies, improve and ensure vital quality and uncover cost savings.



Minitab helps Healthcare Systems and Organizations to maximize cost savings, improve the quality of care and ensure patient and staff safety.

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Energy & Resources

Minitab helps Energy & Resources Organizations to expand efficiency and boost production without compromising quality.

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Financial Services & Insurance



Human Resources

Medical Devices






"Hello, How Can I Help You?" Optimizing Customer Service at Edward Jones

With a branch network of more than 12,000 locations throughout the United States and Canda and nearly 7 million clients worldwide, Edward Jones knows a thing or two about providing high-quality customer service.


Sweet Success: Thai Roong Ruang Sugar Group Promotes Fair Compensation Using Data Analysis

One of Thailand's leading sugar manufacturers, Thai Roong Ruang Sugar (TRR) Group, assessed its employee performance review process to address concerns about inconsistent department head standards for employee evaluation.


Powering Sales with Lean Six Sigma: Socomec Optimizes Organization to increase Revenue

Seeking to expand the company's client base, a Lean Six Sigma project team at Socomec's set out to diagnose and address problems within the organization's sales process using Minitab Statistical Software.


Banking on Efficiency: How Grupo Mutual Improved Cash Flow and Reduced Costs

Grupo Mutual applied data analysis using Minitab Statistical Software and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) methods to increase cash usage, decrease costs, and free Grupo Mutual to reinvest funds that increased revenue by $1.1 million—without affecting the quality of its client services.

Spot trends, solve problems and discover valuable
insights in data.

Data Transformation​

Data access, automation, and governance for comprehensive insights​.

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Data Analysis

Powerful statistical software
with predictive analytics.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning and predictive
analytics software.

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Model Deployment and Monitoring

Model deployment and monitoring
made simple.

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Visual Business Tools

Visual tools to ensure process and
product excellence.

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Project Ideation & Execution

Start, track, manage, and execute
innovation and improvement initiatives.

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Web-Based Training

Master statistics and Minitab
anywhere with online training.

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Real-Time SPC

Monitor, respond, and deliver
quality and process monitoring.

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