Predictive Analytics Module


Leverage the power of predictive analytics to solve everyday challenges.

Predictive Analytics Module Overview

Minitab's Predictive Analytics Module equips you with the tools to forecast trends, anticipate outcomes and make proactive decisions based on data patterns. Watch the video below to learn more about the power of Predictive Analytics. 

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Advanced Analytics

Boost your analytical power with best-in-class, accurate machine learning algorithms that provide deeper insights into your data.

Relative Variable Importance

Automated Machine Learning

Easily confirm you're using the best predictive model to answer your question with Automated Machine Learning. Perfect for those new to predictive analytics who need recommendations and experts looking for a second opinion.

Proprietary Algorithms

Powerful, award-winning and unique machine learning methods, MARS® (Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines), TreeNet® Gradient Boosting and Random Forests®, are included in the module.

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Proven Results

“I usually stick to the methods that have always worked for me—but TreeNet partial dependency plots have given me greater insight and helped solve some of my most vexing problems. ”

- Process Engineer, Consumer Packaged Goods

“Engineers and analysts can spend 80% of their time trying to identify the important drivers of process issues when performing a root cause analysis.”

- Market Research from Minitab

“Our Continuous Improvement team has made great progress with Minitab’s predictive analytics. The integration of data science and CI has led to more predictable KPI’s.”

- Data Science Leader, Food Manufacturer