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Ready for better, faster, and easier visualizations?

Discover Graph Builder, our new tool that instantly creates and displays multiple graph options so the choice of how you visualize your insights is yours.

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Proactively make better decisions everywhere with Minitab on both your desktop and the cloud. Excel with unparalleled statistical insights and smart visualizations, boosted even further with our robust predictive analytics.

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Visualize your data with Graph Builder, a new, fast way to instantly create and explore multiple graph options through an interactive gallery. Now you can quickly and easily choose the graph that best displays your insights.

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Gain access to data analysis from anywhere and enhance your productivity with Minitab on the cloud. Complete analyses from nearly any device and find insights whether you’re in the office, at home, or halfway around the world.



Solve more challenging problems, tap into deeper insights, and save time by boosting your analytics capabilities with TreeNet® and Random Forests®, our proprietary, best-in-class, machine learning algorithms available in Minitab's Predictive Analytics Module.

Better Decisions

Unlock better decision-making from everywhere with Minitab available both on your desktop or through our web app. Expand your insights to be better informed and proactive in your industry with the unparalleled power of statistics in Minitab, including our popular predictive analytics tool, Classification and Regression Trees (CART®).

Boost your analysis further with MARS®, TreeNet® and Random Forests®, our proprietary machine learning algorithms available in Minitab's Predictive Analytics Module.

Variable importance measures model improvement when splits are made on a predictor
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Faster Insights

Find the right visualization to showcase your insights with Graph Builder. Our interactive, easy-to-browse gallery lets you quickly switch from one graph to the next without re-running your analysis and choose which visualization best displays your data and supports your findings.

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Easier on the Cloud

Business doesn't have to stop just because you're not in the office. With Minitab available through both your desktop or on the cloud, you can access our statistical software from anywhere on nearly any device. Log in to Minitab whether you're in the office, at home, or halfway around the world to complete your analysis and continue discovering and sharing valuable insights.

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Boosted with Predictive Analytics

One of the most important and popular tools in modern data mining, CART®, is automatically included in the latest Minitab Statistical Software.

Take your predictive analytics capabilities to the next level with our additional proprietary and best-in-class tree-based machine learning algorithms, TreeNet® and Random Forests®. Minitab's Predictive Analytics Module can be easily activated within the latest version of Minitab Statistical Software and provides the power to find deeper insights and model complex relationships with tree-based methods.

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