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    Minitab helps to increase efficiency by boosting production without compromising quality through analysis of techniques and processes.

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    Develop and improve on processess to support sustainable growth.

    A change in process increases silver recovery rates at Fresnillo; boosting monthly revenue by over $2 million

    The team at Fresnillo, one of the world’s largest primary silver producers, used Minitab to apply a statistical technique called Design of Experiments (DOE), to simultaneously assess the relationships between multiple variables in the lead extraction process, such as raw material, water, air, and chemical reagents that separate the silver from lead.

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    Case Study

    Harness the power of analytics to improve operations across the value chain.

    Over 50% increase in concentrate phosphate rock production at Mosaic's Windgate Mine

    Using Minitab’s capability analysis, Mosaic was able to increase production in their Windgate Mine, where previous owners of the mine had struggled to see results.

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    Intuitively, when facing a complex problem, we tend to test different solutions as soon as they come to our mind. When we understand that one solution will not work, we will then look for the next potential solution in order to test it and so forth. This is what we will call the one-factor-at-a-time approach. Why is it better to perform a Design of Experiments (DOE) rather than change One Factor at a Time, then? And what are the multiple benefits of an experimental design?

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    Proven Real-world Evidence

    Striking Gold with Minitab: Newcrest Mining Limited

    Minitab’s statistical power and easy-to-understand graphics helped the Newcrest team make significant strides in boosting the productivity of Newcrest’s Cadia Hill mine.

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