Data analysis and quality process management for organizations in Energy and Resources

Minitab helps to increase efficiency by boosting production without compromising quality through analysis of techniques and processes.


Develop and improve on processess to support sustainable growth.


Harness the power of analytics to improve operations across the value chain.

Minitab is here to help you unlock the insights in your data.

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Why Is It Always Better to Perform a Design of Experiments (DOE) Rather than Change One Factor at a Time?

Intuitively, when facing a complex problem, we tend to test different solutions as soon as they come to our mind. When we understand that one solution will not work, we will then look for the next potential solution in order to test it and so forth. This is what we will call the one-factor-at-a-time approach. Why is it better to perform a Design of Experiments (DOE) rather than change One Factor at a Time, then? And what are the multiple benefits of an experimental design?


8 Expert Tips for Excellent Designed Experiments (DOE)

If your work involves quality improvement, you've at least heard of Design of Experiments (DOE). You probably know it's the most efficient way to optimize and improve your process. But many of us find DOE intimidating, especially if it's not a tool we use often. How do you select an appropriate design, and ensure you've got the right number of factors and levels? And after you've gathered your data, how do you pick the right model for your analysis?


Proven Real-world Evidence


For more than 40 years, companies around the globe have trusted Minitab software to analyze their data and organize their quality improvement projects.

Companies need continuous improvement strategies. They need to employ continuous improvement experts working with their leaders all the way to the people who are running the equipment to understand what information’s available and how they use it to drive their processes. ... Continuous improvement can be as simple as organizing our workplace so that people can find the tools that they need to do their jobs more efficiently, when they have a certain task to perform or it can be as advanced as, using Minitab tools to solve complex data analysis problems. Regardless of the complexity or need for continuous improvement, it's ever present ...

- Adam Russell, Global Operations Master Black Belt, Tate & Lyle

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