A flexible, powerful and modular platform to bring out
the data scientist in everyone.

Data Transformation​

Data access, automation, and governance for comprehensive insights​.

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Data Analysis

Powerful statistical software
with predictive analytics.

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Machine Learning

Machine learning and predictive
analytics software.

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Model Deployment and Monitoring

Model deployment and monitoring
made simple.

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Accelerate your Data Transformation

The best insights are based on the most complete, most accurate, and most timely data. Minitab Connect empowers data users from across the enterprise with self-serve tools to transform diverse data into a governed network of data pipelines, to feed analytics initiatives and foster organization-wide collaboration. Users can effortlessly blend and explore data from databases, cloud and on-premise apps, unstructured data, spreadsheets, and more. Flexible, automated workflows accelerate every step of the data integration process, while powerful data preparation and visualization tools help yield transformative insights.

Harness the Power of Statistics, Predictive Analytics,
and Machine Learning

Data is everywhere, but are you truly taking advantage of yours? Minitab Statistical Software can look at current and past data to discover trends, find and predict patterns, uncover hidden relationships between variables, and create stunning visualizations to tackle even the most daunting challenges and opportunities.

With proprietary powerful algorithms, harness the power of statistics, predictive analytics and machine learning for data analysis, exploration and model building.  Use your insights to make better data-driven decisions or deploy models into an automated workflow with the push of a button.   

 ML Model Lifecycle Management for Everyone

As machine learning use cases grow, the need to deploy and operationalize models has emerged. Minitab Model Ops helps business analysts and engineers successfully implement their own Machine Learning and Predictive models.


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