Reliability Analysis Module


Leverage the Power of Data Analysis with Minitab’s Reliability Analysis Module

Reliability Module Overview

Assess risk and reliability of products to prevent failures with the Reliability Module. Watch the video below to learn how.

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Reliability Module Capabilities

The following features and tools are conveniently located within the Reliability Module.

Reliability Analysis module

Reliabile Calculations

Minitab’s Reliability Module offers an unparalleled solution for bolstering your data-driven decision-making process. Equipped with an intuitive interface and an extensive array of tools, this module empowers reliability engineers to navigate intricate data analysis effortlessly. Through harnessing cutting-edge resources, Minitab’s Reliability Module places the most robust calculations conveniently within reach, enabling accurate insights and informed choices. 

Perform Reliability/Weibull Analysis

Proven Performance

Statistical analysis is one of the many responsibilities of reliability engineers. For over 50 years, Minitab Statistical Software has been the go-to solution for data analysis for engineers in numerous disciplines. Minitab empowers experts to unlock valuable insights, which can drive innovation and lead to critical breakthroughs.

Evaluate Failures in A Repairable System

On-Demand Assistance

Minitab is with you every step of your analysis. Information icons connect you to support pages with familiar terminology and reliability examples, while our industry-leading technical support team is available online or via phone to help.  

Perform Accelerated Life Test

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