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    Minitab 19

    Powerful statistical software everyone can use.

  • Analyze data and find meaningful solutions to your toughest challenges.

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    Minitab 19 helps you analyze larger data sets – better, faster and easier – no matter where you are on your analytics journey.

    Comprehensive set of statistics for exploring your data, and visualizations that illustrate insights.

    Guidance every step of the way with Minitab’s built-in features, knowledgeable support team, training options and free resources.

    Getting Started with Minitab 19 is easy:

    • Fill out form.
    • Download instantly, or from link follow up email.
    • Look out for communications with resources, tips and how-tos.
    • If you need assistance installing or launching the software, please contact technical support.
    • Note: An internet connection is required to start your Minitab trial.

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