Flexible, Hands‐On Training

Gain insight into your data and improve the quality of your products and services with courses guided by expert statisticians.

Virtual Training

To help organizations and individuals continue to work safely and efficiently, Minitab is now offering Virtual Training! These interactive sessions are taught by Minitab experts and feature the same course material as our in-person classes. We have a variety of offerings to meet your needs and skill levels.


Flexible Options
Add value to on-site training by scheduling additional time for our trainers to review your data and demonstrate how coursework applies to your projects. Remote, on-site training offered in four-hour increments over a series of days is also available.

Public Training

Public courses on Minitab are offered at many convenient locations throughout the world.

Sessions are available for beginning through advanced students, and we limit enrollment so our trainers have time to address your individual questions.

Customers Love Minitab Training

“The instructor knew the material and presented it so that anyone could understand it. The class was outstanding!”

Susan Stewart

“The instructor was an excellent teacher. His ability to relate his experience to a particular subject in Minitab helped me to see the big picture.”

Andrew Beeson
Smiths Medical North America


Master statistics anytime, anywhere.

Quality Trainer, our e-learning course, teaches you statistics and how to analyze your data with Minitab anytime you are online.