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Minitab Model Ops Features & Enhancements

Feature Update: Customizable Time Zone and Start-of-Day for Deployments

User Benefit

Users can now customize the time zone and start-of-day settings for deployments, with all relevant time zones included.  



This update allows users to modify the time zone and when the day starts for each deployment, ensuring that performance reports and daily replays align with the specified time zone. Additionally, Model Ops will automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time based on the user's selected time zone, providing seamless and accurate time-based operations. 


Start of Day

Minitab Model Ops Full Update Notes

Release Date: 13 June 2024


New Features in Minitab Model Ops 1.2

  • Time Zone and Start of Day Settings for Deployments
    • This release introduces the ability for users to change the time zone and Start-of-Day (SOD) for a deployment in the deployment settings. The SOD setting determines the binning range for the performance reports and when daily replays occur for the selected time zone.
  • Daylight Savings Time
    • Model Ops now automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time according to the user’s time zone.
  • Overall Drift
    • The term “Overall Drift” is now used throughout the application to clarify the difference between the drift status of individual variables and the drift status of the overall deployment. Additionally, an overall drift status indicator has been added to the deployment title bar which reports the deployment’s current drift status.

Problems Resolved in Minitab Model Ops 1.2

The following issues are resolved in Minitab Model Ops 1.2.

  • The baseline report previously assigned all lower-case letters in the data to all CAPS. (244288)
  • The amount of inactivity time to trigger a session timeout was reduced. (212058)
  • The app spins indefinitely when a model is added to a deployment that was recently deleted by another user. (221913)
  • The creation date in the model info dialog does not reflect when the model was uploaded. (244085)
  • Training data is not parsed correctly when names in data columns include odd quotes. (239380)
  • Training data is not parsed correctly when there are odd double quotes in the data. (239806)
  • The Drift Report status states "Report is current" while still refreshing. (248138)
  • The wording on the tooltip for the date picker was updated for clarity. (244377)
  • Stability reports have unexpected gaps. (245393)