Minitab Service Level Agreement Terms (SLA)

Effective Date: 09/01/20

This Service Level Agreement Terms (SLA) applies to the use of the following online services (the “Services”) offered by Minitab, LLC:

  • Minitab® Statistical Software — Web App
  • Companion by Minitab®
  • Quality Trainer®
  • Minitab Connect

Service Availability and Uptime/Downtime

Minitab maintains applicable Service Level Agreements with the host of the Services which, among other terms, guarantees Internet facing external connectivity at least 99.5% of the time and detection of role instances and successful processing of correctly formatted requests to add, update, read, and delete data 99.9% of the time outside of scheduled maintenance.

Service Credits

  1. If the Services fail to meet any service level set forth in above in any month due to unscheduled downtime, then You may submit a claim to Minitab, and, upon Our verification, You may be entitled to a credit (“Service Credit”). The amount of Service Credit to which You shall be entitled shall be equal to the fees for the Services prorated for such month multiplied by the number of percentage points by which the Services failed to meet the service levels. By way of example, if the Services were available (external connectivity) only 99% of the time during a given month, then You would be entitled to a Service Credit of 0.5% of the subscription fees for that month.
  2. In order for Minitab to consider a claim for Service Credits, You must submit a claim to Minitab within thirty (30) days following the date of unscheduled downtime (“Incident”). The claim must include all reasonable details regarding the Incident, including but not limited to, detailed descriptions of the Incident, the duration of the Incident, and any attempts made by You to resolve the Incident. Minitab will use all information reasonably available to validate the claim and make a good faith judgment on whether the Service Credit should be awarded to You.
  3. All Service Credits awarded in accordance with this SLA shall be refunded to You within sixty (60) days after expiration of the applicable Subscription Term.
  4. For purposes of clarity, the sole remedy available to You for any interruption in the Services which is the responsibility of the host of the Services is a Service Credit as provided for in this Service Level Agreement Terms.