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Our Model & ML Ops Solution

Minitab’s machine learning ops and model development solutions can help your business start, complete, or finish your machine learning projects.

Various machine learning software solutions for analyzing data available in Minitab Model Ops.

Learn about model deployment with Minitab Model Ops™

Operationalize Models

Putting predictive models into operation is one of the toughest challenges organizations face today. Luckily, Minitab has developed a solution to make model deployment simple, with a push of a button, to enable you to get the most out of your predictive models.

Monitor Model Performance

Once a model is deployed, monitoring for drift and stability metrics is critical to ensure success. Minitab provides easy-to-interpret model performance monitoring, along with additional information like model uptime, response time and deployment status. Real-time alerts let you know when changes occur so you can re-evaluate the utility of your model.

Model Governance

Keeping track of deployed models is critical. Minitab provides an audit log and a traceable update history to track changes. Different user roles enable you to control access to deploying models, without limiting those who can monitor the models.

Easy-to-use and powerful Model Deployment Platform

Successful machine learning projects are:

  • Properly scoped
  • House all their data in one place
  • Thinking about model deployment in the planning phase

Did you know Minitab provides support throughout all aspects of the model development and deployment life cycle? Whether you are looking for an end-to-end solution, or just need help getting models deployed, Minitab can help teams plan, execute, and deliver successful and reproducible machine learning projects.

Minitab’s integrated approach, software, and services have been enabling organizations across the globe to make better decisions for more than 50 years. From ideation to execution, our solutions drive business excellence and deliver quality results. Our customer success team loves helping organizations get the maximum value from our solutions. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help!



CART® (Classification and Regression Trees), TreeNet®(gradient boosting), Random Forests®, and MARS ®, some of the most popular machine learning methods in the world, are owned and only available through Minitab’s solutions.



“[Minitab] is an exceptionally good tool for making predictions … [Minitab] is absolutely the top-of-the-line of powerful, easy to use, flexible, reliable, data mining software. It is the standard that pretty much everyone is always comparing to and against. I have brought it into multiple companies and everywhere it has been readily adopted by both the advanced predictive modelers as well as by the skilled business analysts.”

Bill K
Financial Services

Two Minitab Model Ops graphs display real-time performance monitoring of response time and production data.



“We struggled to operationalize a predictive model on the factory floor that could help us identify potentially defective product. Minitab Model Ops allowed us to use our regression model and get predictions right from the floor, and now we can see when to take action.”

Process Quality Engineer, Chemical Company