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As a software or technology company, your customers expect you to be at the cutting edge. That means coming up with new innovations, getting products to market faster, and understanding their needs. Only Minitab can provide a broad set of solutions that empower you to make data-driven decisions faster, which results in better performance and happier customers.

Partnering with Minitab leads to data-driven innovation and process improvement that drives better top- and bottom-line results.

Build an Innovation Program

Minitab’s end-to-end improvement solution enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. It provides a unique platform to start and manage value-creating projects and innovation. Minitab Engage helps organizations collect ideas via a virtual suggestion box, gain sponsorship and execute them, and measure success with KPI and ROI dashboards.

Seamless Process Mapping

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating process maps! Our visual toolkit ensures process and product excellence in an easy-to-use interface with an abundance of helpful tools in one place. With everything you need right at your fingertips, we can help you visualize, optimize, and map your business value so you can achieve a greater impact than ever before.

Access and Integrate Your Data

Minitab Connect brings the power of seamless data access to help organizations drive meaningful business intelligence and confident, informed decision-making. Explore Minitab Connect tools for data preparation and workflow automation, along with the platform’s interactive data visualization tools.

Minitab Connect dashboard with data visualizations

Beyond Business Intelligence

Minitab's latest analytics solution helps users take advantage of true analytics dashboards on a single platform. Leverage our advanced analytics, including statistics, to power dashboards today. Live Analytics Powered by Minitab® empowers all data professionals with the ability to easily create and incorporate statistical analysis into powerful visualizations.

Machine Learning for Deeper Insights

To get the most out of your data and to define the best fitting predictive model, feature engineering is the crucial first step. Feature engineering is the task of using the knowledge about a process and its resulting data to extract properties, or features, that make predictive models work. Discover how you can successfully implement some of the most common feature engineering techniques for your organization in Minitab Statistical Software.

Minitab Understands the Needs of Software and Technology Providers

Software and technology companies rely on the efficiency and performance of their people more than most. Processes that are inefficient hamper innovation, delay delivery to the market, and even harm the performance of your products and services. Plus, with talented workers in such high demand, applying analytics to your people strategy can be the difference between getting ahead and falling behind.

Minitab understands your challenges because we face the same ones every day.

That’s why we’ve developed solutions that help software and technology companies become the best version of themselves. We built an ecosystem that utilizes problem solving and data analysis to provide insight into improvement opportunities, which creates significant value.

Only Minitab empowers you to improve your processes through a deep and thoughtful analysis of your data, regardless of your skill or experience level. 

Minitab’s solutions allow you to:

  • Build a structured innovation program that can be tracked from idea generation to execution.
  • Map out processes to identify areas of improvement.
  • Access and integrate data from different sources for analysis.
  • Leverage the power of business intelligence for quick insights.
  • Harness statistics and machine learning for deeper insights.



100% of the Fortune 500 Computer Software and Equipment Companies use Minitab to improve productivity and innovation.



“Importing and connecting data with Minitab is beneficial as it centralized all the data into one platform, making it easy to govern, track and monitor all the data."


-Telecommunication Company

Team of Programmer working to find solution to problem and coding technologies in a software developing company office.



“I can tell with confidence that we have saved a whole lot of time compared to the hours of discussions and calculations we would have spent if we didn't invest in (Minitab). The efficiency of our team has gone up significantly.”

Rahul V.
Senior Development Engineer