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Ready to upgrade the performance of your organization through process improvement and risk mitigation? Minitab is here to help you analyze assets and deploy models that maximize profitability.

Our proprietary algorithms are used to determine insurance premiums, credit risk, and asset risk at leading institutions around the globe. And we don’t stop there! The power and versatility of our solutions are helping financial institutions boost their bottom line. 

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Watch an example of how to predict trends using Minitab solutions.

Predict Mortgage Default

Providing a mortgage to the wrong person can be a mistake that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Given these stakes, it is extremely important to understand your customers and make predictions about them before deciding to approve or reject their mortgage application.

Learn how Minitab can minimize the number of mortgage defaults by accurately predicting why customers are likely to default in the future. 

Analyze Asset Trends

While predicting exact prices of assets is nearly impossible, it is still possible to identify critical trends and relationships if you use Minitab solutions!

Improve the Customer Experience

At Minitab, we understand that business leaders have limited time available to investigate new solutions and tools that can help solve their problems. We see companies striving to solve more problems, and do it faster with automation. With our approach of solutions analytics, we empower leaders with the ability to make their best data-driven decisions. When executed with Minitab by your side, automation can increase customer engagement and bolster sales, as long as it accurately anticipates situations and leverages proper triggered processes to address them. And that’s where Minitab can help!

Training: Enhance Service Quality

This popular 4-day track provides participants with a comprehensive toolkit for effectively analyzing data in financial and related industries. It is appropriate for members of a problem-solving team, those leading and facilitating process improvement activities, such as Lean Six Sigma, and practitioners preparing to adopt process improvement in their service organization.

Leverage Data Analysis and Process Improvement to Improve Profitability

Appreciating the value of your data doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of it. With so much data collected—both for analysis and compliance—you need more powerful tools than spreadsheets and dashboards. That’s where we can help.

With familiar user interfaces, Minitab empowers you to do a deeper and more thoughtful analysis of your data. 

Minitab’s solutions allow you to:

  • Simply access all your data for analysis.
  • Leverage the power of Minitab’s algorithms to analyze credit risk, default risk, or even event risk. 
  • Improve performance processes and the customer experience all over your organization with structured problem-solving tools.



Approximately 75% of the Financial Services organizations in the Fortune 100 use Minitab solutions to drive better bottom line results.



“(Minitab) is an exceptionally good tool for making predictions…(Minitab) is absolutely the top-of-the-line of powerful, easy to use, flexible, reliable, data mining software. It is the standard that pretty much everyone is always comparing to and against. I have brought it into multiple companies and everywhere it has been readily adopted by both the advanced predictive modelers as well as by the skilled business analysts.”

Bill K
Financial Services

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“(Minitab) is essential to our lean initiatives. Prior to (Minitab) we managed everything on Microsoft Excel and (it) was tedious… As an administrator I am able to quickly train…with a minimal learning curve as the software is extremely user friendly.  The ability to incorporate all the tools needed to manage a project, whether it be a small Just-Do-It, a kaizen event or a lengthy DMAIC project, all in one place is really convenient.”

Joel D.
Lean Specialist