Our Healthcare Solutions

Advance patient care through analyzing data and solve problems to address areas of improvement at your facility, service, or organization.

Improve and Enhance Patient Care

Ready to enhance the patient's experience by reducing wait times and identifying pain points from feedback? Minitab can help you make your operation more efficient by improving patient safety and reducing unnecessary costs!  

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Learn how Minitab helped Adventist Health with their digital transformation and how Minitab can support your transformation initiatives as well.

Healthcare Module

We wrote the Healthcare Module so it can be easily understood by healthcare professionals.

Our Healthcare Module gives you the power to collect your data in real-time or analyze your data once it’s been collected. You’ll be able to analyze your findings to make improvements to patient care or facility performance, and leverage the power of prediction to catch problems before they occur. And that means you’ll be able to protect patients and your bottom line.

We’re with you every step of your analysis. Shift your focus to improving KPIs, like, wait time, costs, utilization, patient safety, and patient satisfaction, without worrying about which analysis to use or spending your limited time trying to decipher your data. If you have questions, our industry-leading technical support team is available via phone or email to help!

Predict Readmission Rates

Hospitals that consistently have high readmission rates may face financial penalties and reputational damage. Watch our video below to learn how Minitab can help you predict readmissions, improve patient satisfaction, and protect your bottom line.

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Optimize Bed Utilization

Predictive analytics solutions, like Minitab, can use large amounts of available data to predict length of stay outcomes for patients, even upon admission. Learn how one healthcare facility created an initiative to optimize patient length of stay.

Reduce Patient Length of Stay

After seeing a significant increase in patient volume, Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) knew that it had to improve patient flow to best serve its patients and staff. Using Minitab’s analytics tools, the team discovered 95% of discharges and 57% of admissions happened in the same 10-hour window, which enabled them to take action to discharge patients quicker and more effectively.

Value Stream Mapping for Improvement

Are you looking to improve a process or activity at your medical facility? From admissions to transfers, to medical documentation, to patient care and treatment, there are so many processes that happen in a healthcare system. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to use value stream mapping to help discover and achieve improvements in your healthcare system.

Predict Rare Events

Rare events inherently occur in all kinds of processes. In healthcare facilities, there are medication errors, infections, patient falls, ventilator-associated pneumonias, and other rare, adverse events that cause prolonged hospital stays and increase healthcare costs. Using Minitab solutions, you can graph these rare events and monitor a process to determine if it’s stable or if it’s out of control, and therefore unpredictable, and in need of attention.

Healthcare Training

Our Healthcare series is for professionals working in the Healthcare industry. The course materials include examples with metrics, such as pain scores, patient complaints, time, nonconformities, and patient satisfaction.

The Partner of Choice for Healthcare Facilities, Services & Organizations

When your patients’ care and safety is your priority, finding ways to improve, without adding additional risk to the system, can be challenging. You need solutions that can help you analyze pain points so you can improve the overall patient experience. You also need to be able to predict possible risks in the system to avoid adverse events. 

Minitab enables healthcare professionals to solve problems in a structured way. Our solutions can help collect, analyze, and monitor trends in your data to continuously improve the quality of your patient care. 

Through data collection and fact-based decision making, healthcare professionals can improve everything from patient care to patient satisfaction. 

Ask us how Minitab can help you and your patients today. Our customer success team loves helping organizations get the maximum value from our solutions. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help!


100% of healthcare companies in the Fortune 100 use Minitab to deliver better and safer care to patients.



“We were measuring throughput from the time the patients arrived at the facility until they got back to a stabilization chair. That was what we were trying to improve and we were actually very successful.”

Kathleen Tanner
Quality Manager

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“(I use Minitab) for day-to-day data analysis.  (Any person) who does not have a statistical background can easily use this software for data analysis purposes like simple mean, median, mode, standard deviation to complex analysis like anova, t-test, the correlation coefficient, and principle component analysis.” 

Amila A.
Scientific Officer