Author Permissions and Guidelines

We welcome references to our company, solutions, and services on your web sites, in articles as well as textbooks. We ask that you follow our guidelines.

Screenshots, Data sets and Help Files

You may include examples and screenshots from our software, input and/or output, and references to our help files. When you do, place the following statement in a footnote, on the "copyright" page, and/or in the acknowledgment section:

Portions of information contained in this publication/book are printed with permission of Minitab, LLC. All such material remains the exclusive property and copyright of Minitab, LLC. All rights reserved.

You may refer to any data set that is included with our software, but you may not distribute them.

You may translate limited portions of Minitab data sets or help files into another language for use in your publication but only if you include the following disclaimer in a footnote, on the "copyright" page, and/or in the acknowledgement section:

This information may have been translated for your convenience from the original and official English language version, which can be found at, or as embedded in Minitab Statistical Software. Minitab retains all rights therein, and Minitab disclaims any and all responsibility for any reliance by you upon the translated version, which you use at your own risk. In the event of any discrepancy the English language version shall control.

Product/Service Names and Trademarks

At the first instance of the name of a Minitab product or service in your text, spell out the official name with the corresponding ® or . Always present the names in English – do not translate them into any other language:

  1. Minitab®
  2. Minitab® Statistical Software
  3. Minitab Engage®
  4. Minitab Workspace®
  5. Minitab Connect®
  6. Minitab Model Ops®
  7. Real-Time SPC
  8. Education Hub
  9. SPM Salford Predictive Modeler®
  10. Mentoring by Minitab®
  11. Technical Support by Minitab
  12. Training by Minitab

Please include the following disclaimer in your publication:

"Minitab® and all other trademarks and logos for the Company's products and services are the exclusive property of Minitab, LLC. All other marks referenced remain the property of their respective owners. See for more information."

Do not translate any of the above Minitab product or service names into any language other than English.

Trademarked features:

Whenever referencing the software features below, please include the trademark symbol (™) with the first occurrence in text. Always present the feature names in English – do not translate them into any other language:

Minitab® Statistical Software:

  • StatGuide™
  • ReportPad™
  • Smart Dialog Boxes™
  • Capability Sixpack™

Minitab Engage®:

  • Roadmap™

Minitab publications (Citing Getting Started Guides)

Please use the following format when citing Getting Started with Minitab or Getting Started with Engage. Do not include the chapter name and/or page number if they are not applicable.

Minitab, LLC (2021). "Chapter Name," Getting Started with Minitab, p. #-#.

Whenever possible, please also include our URL:

Contact information

If you believe you qualify for the author program or are interested in learning more please contact us here.

Author Support Program

If you are writing a book that references Minitab Statistical Software or any other Minitab Solutions Analytics, we may be able to provide you with:

  • Free software
  • Free technical support
  • Inclusion in our Textbook List, a searchable database that promotes books that reference our software.

Qualifying for Author Support is on a case-by-case basis.  Minimum qualifications require you to:

  • Use the newest release of our software in your textbook.
  • Follow our author/publisher permissions and trademark guidelines.
  • Reference in your textbook.
  • Ship or email a copy of the book to us.