Data analysis and quality process management for Healthcare

Minitab helps organizations in healthcare maximize cost savings, improve the quality of care and ensure safety using data analysis and smart process management.


Improve the consistency of patient care by driving efficiency and diminishing errors.

Minitab is here to help you unlock the insights in your data.

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Exploring Healthcare Data

Working with healthcare-related data often feels different than working with manufacturing data. After all, the common thread among healthcare quality improvement professionals is the motivation to preserve and improve the lives of patients.

Value Stream Maps

How to Use Value Stream Maps in Healthcare

Healthcare has many data-rich opportunities which can be used to improve cycle times, customer satisfaction scores, wait times, capacity/throughput, and inventory.


Proven Real-world Evidence


For more than 40 years, companies around the globe have trusted Minitab software to analyze their data and organize their quality improvement projects.

What I really appreciate about Minitab is that I am able to teach my team how to use it, that they can use it, that they can use the various easy buttons as it were in Minitab to get the data and what that means. And they don’t have worry about the math. Whereas I love and appreciate the math that’s behind it, the usability of someone who doesn’t need to be a statistician and can still use it and get something from it and interpret it and Minitab software there can help you interpret that data and can do the summary reports and all that sort of stuff. So I think really that what I appreciate about the usability is that it doesn’t have to be an expert in stats to be able to use it and to be able to get value from it.

- Erik Sherburne, Quality Manager, Advanced Molding Technologies

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