• Data analysis and quality process management for Healthcare

    Minitab helps organizations in healthcare maximize cost savings, improve the quality of care and ensure safety using data analysis and smart process management.

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    Case Study

    Improve the consistency of patient care by driving efficiency and diminishing errors.

    Lean and Six Sigma Efforts at Via Christi Health: Bringing Safe, High-Quality Care

    Improvement initiatives that emphasize higher quality at lower costs was the challenge at hand for Via Christi Health, a US health care services provider. They were able to significantly increase the value of medical treament in its hopsitals, physician offices, and other health care facilities that employ over 10,000 employees.

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    Saving lives with improved diagnostic care while saving $4.4 million in medical resources at Cathay General Hospital

    You expect to find many lifesaving techniques in hospitals—expensive medical research, groundbreaking procedures—but when it comes to treating patients with cardiovascular disease, the approach one Taiwanese hospital used might surprise you: data analysis.

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    Minitab is here to help you unlock the insights in your data.

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    Working with healthcare-related data often feels different than working with manufacturing data. After all, the common thread among healthcare quality improvement professionals is the motivation to preserve and improve the lives of patients.

    How to Use Value Stream Maps in Healthcare

    Healthcare has many data-rich opportunities which can be used to improve cycle times, customer satisfaction scores, wait times, capacity/throughput, and inventory.

    Case Studies

    Proven Real-world Evidence

    Streamlining billing processes at Akron Children's Hospital

    Akron Children’s Hospital—the largest pediatric healthcare system in northern Ohio, identified causes of billing inefficiencies using Minitab Statistical Software and ultimately decreased the average number of days from product delivery to billing by 90%.

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    Cutting labor costs by 32% and increasing efficiencies for better customer service at RightSource

    With customer complaints quickly accumulating, RightSource had to find out what went wrong with their new administrative software and fix it. Thanks to Minitab and Lean Six Sigma, they were able to improve the process and streamline their ability to fill prescriptions.

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