Data analysis and quality process management for Healthcare

Minitab helps organizations in healthcare improve quality of care, ensure safety, and maximize cost savings using data analysis and smart process management.


Solving healthcare challenges with the power of data analysis.


Improving patient care consistency by driving efficiency and diminishing errors.


Ensuring processes are as smooth and efficient as possible.

Minitab is here to help you unlock the insights in your data.

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Combating COVID-19: How Adventist HealthCare Used Process Maps to Keep Staff Safe

Once cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the U.S., Adventist HealthCare jumped into action. Using Minitab Engage and process maps, they were able to create new and update current processes, like collecting and sterilizing personal protection equipment (PPE). Read how process maps helped prevent infection spread and kept staff safe at their hospital and care centers.

Predictive Analytics Healthcare

Predictive Analytics and Determining Patient Length of Stay at Time of Admission

A patient's age, sex, medical history and other factors all have varying influence on a patient's time between hospital admission and discharge. Learn how using predictive analytics and historical data in Minitab Statistical Software can help anticipate a patient's length of stay, while also helping better optimize patient flow and appropriately resource plan.


Proven Real-world Evidence.


For nearly 50 years, companies around the globe have trusted Minitab to analyze their data and find solutions to their business challenges.

"What I really appreciate about Minitab is that I am able to teach my team how to use it, that they can use it, that they can use the various easy buttons as it were in Minitab to get the data and what that means. And they don’t have worry about the math. Whereas I love and appreciate the math that’s behind it, the usability of someone who doesn’t need to be a statistician and can still use it and get something from it and interpret it and Minitab software there can help you interpret that data and can do the summary reports and all that sort of stuff. So I think really that what I appreciate about the usability is that it doesn’t have to be an expert in stats to be able to use it and to be able to get value from it."

- Erik Sherburne, Quality Manager, Advanced Molding Technologies

Spot trends, solve problems and discover valuable
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Data Transformation​

Data access, automation, and governance for comprehensive insights​.

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Data Analysis

Powerful statistical software
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Machine Learning

Machine learning and predictive
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Model Deployment and Monitoring

Model deployment and monitoring
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Visual Business Tools

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Project Ideation & Execution

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