Great Place to Work Certificate 2021 - 2022
Great Place to Work Certificate 2022 - 2023
Great Place to Work Certificate 2022 - 2023
Great Place to Work Certificate 2022 - 2023

Our culture


"I started here as an intern and joined Minitab as an employee right after college. Our management really motivates and encourages employees to work at their full potential by offering their time, support, and other opportunities to excel in our careers.”

Elizabeth P. 

State College, PA 

Minitab’s Values

At Minitab we encourage everyone to be their best self. Our goal is to create an environment full of opportunities for our employees, so they can develop their skills, gain confidence, grow as individuals, and be the best version of themselves.

We believe our values are the framework for helping our employees meet these goals.

Focus on What Matters

We seek to provide value in all that you do.

We encourage our employees to ask questions and learn why their role is so important.

Focus on what matters

Be Accountable

We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. But as a team, we are accountable for our wins and our challenges. We are all accountable to our success.

Be Accountable

Always Do Your Best

Good things happen when you do your best, including learning from mistakes, moving forward, and continuously improving.

Always do your best

Be a Catalyst for Change

We embrace change because it accelerates efficiencies, leads to improvements, and guides us toward the future.

Be a catalyst for change

Make an Impact

Helping others is the foundation of our company. Beyond helping our customers leverage the power of data analysis, we strive to support and assist our colleagues, which enables organizational success.

Make an impact

Employee Benefits 

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)

We know our employees may need support when life happens. That’s why EAP can provide guidance for personal support.

Health and Wellness

At our headquarters in Pennsylvania, there is an onsite gym, indoor swimming pool, yoga studio, movie theater, outdoor sand volleyball court, game room, and even a golf simulator. Personal training and nutrition counseling are available. For remote employees, we offer partial reimbursement for the cost of fitness classes and personal training, and nutrition counseling. 

Higher Ed and Professional Development

The pursuit of ongoing development is important and valued at Minitab. In support of this value, Minitab offers tuition and related expenses assistance for both higher education and other professional development.

Retirement Benefits

Competitive retirement benefits tailored to each of our global locations.

Health Insurance

Competitive health insurance benefits tailored to each of our global locations.

Hybrid Work Schedule

We offer a hybrid work model for eligible positions.

Start your career with our best-in-class internship program!

Interns work on important and engaging projects that deliver value and impact our customers. Our supportive environment helps interns learn important on-the-job skills and builds a strong foundation for their careers.

Enhance your skills