Where can I find pricing, or buy now if I’m ready?

Pricing and purchase information can be found here for different subscription models. In addition to subscription options for individual users, Minitab offers Multi-User Subscriptions and special pricing options for instructors and students, as well as government agencies.

To discuss more subscription options, or to have your questions answered in-person, please contact us today!

Where can I find information about Software Download and Activation?

Products available for electronic delivery

The Minitab Store offers electronic delivery for Minitab Statistical Software and Minitab Workspace. For details and information about volume subscription options and quantity discounts on orders greater than 24 subscriptions, please contact Minitab Sales.

Benefits of electronic delivery

The electronic delivery process allows you to submit your order for Minitab software products and then download the software immediately, with no shipping and handling charges.

Download availability

Within 30 days of your purchase of Minitab Statistical Software or Minitab Workspace, you are required to download the software.

During installation, you will be prompted to enter the provided product key. If you do not enter your product key at this time, you will be prompted to enter the product key each time you launch the software during the next 30 days. You must enter the product key to continue use of the software beyond those 30 days.

If your software download has expired, please contact Minitab Support.

Software downloading problems

If the download of your purchased software was not successful, please contact Minitab Support.

Antivirus software reports a virus during installation

Please turn off your antivirus software before installing Minitab products.

Some of the more popular antivirus software programs now have "heuristic scanning." This method of virus scanning looks for virus-like behavior, and not for specific virus code. When heuristic scanning is turned on, the Minitab software you downloaded may cause an alert message to appear in the antivirus program, because the installation program does some of the things a virus does, such as writing files to your hard drive. You should turn off your antivirus software before installing Minitab software products.

Problems during activation

If you encounter difficulties during the activation process, go to our Subscriptions and Activation Page.

Lost product key or order reference number

If you have lost your product key, please contact Minitab Sales. If you have lost your order reference number, please contact Cleverbridge Customer Service.

Activating your product

When you purchase Minitab Statistical Software or Minitab Workspace, a product key to activate the software is provided on the confirmation Web page after you have completed your purchase. The product key is also emailed to you as part of the purchase confirmation. Please save this email for future reference. When you install your software, you will be prompted to enter your product key to activate the software.

Have you purchased multiple subscriptions?

If you have purchased multiple electronic subscriptions of one product, you only need to download the software once. You can then copy the setup to each computer on which the software will be installed. A unique product key must be used on each computer to activate the product.

System requirements

For Minitab: View system requirements.

For Minitab Engage: View system requirements.

For Minitab Workspace: View system requirements.

For Real-Time SPC Powered by Minitab: View system requirements.

For Minitab Connect: View system requirements.

For SPM: View system requirements.

What Payment Options are available?

The online Minitab Store accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as payment from PayPal and wire transfers.

The Minitab Store does not accept purchase orders as a form of payment. To purchase products with a purchase order or other payment methods, please contact Minitab Sales.

Where can I find more information about Online Ordering?

Who is Cleverbridge?

Cleverbridge manages online stores for a variety of digital media companies and software manufacturers, including Minitab.

Please contact Cleverbridge Customer Service for assistance with the order and payment process. If you have a reference number for the order, please provide it during correspondence with Cleverbridge.

Can I purchase more than the quantity limit?

Yes, to purchase more than 24 subscriptions of Minitab Statistical Software, and/or 24 subscriptions of Minitab Workspace, please contact Minitab Sales.

How can I access my order history?

To access a list of your recent online orders through the Minitab Store, please click here and sign in to your Minitab.com account. If you do not have a Minitab.com account, you will be instructed to create one.

Where can I find Contact Information and Assistance?

For assistance with the checkout process, payment, or for order-related support, please contact Cleverbridge Customer Service.

For product advice, please contact Minitab Sales.

For technical assistance of supported versions of Minitab Statistical Software, or Minitab Workspace, Minitab offers customers support from highly skilled experts in statistics, quality improvement, and computer systems. Local support is available through Minitab representatives worldwide. Please contact Minitab Support.

What subscription options are available for single users?

As part of Minitab’s commitment to its customers, Minitab offers various subscription options with flexibility to meet the needs of individual users.

Our recommended option for individuals is our Single-User Subscription. It is both cost-effective and offers continuous service and support. Furthermore, it includes the ability to upgrade and update your software as new features and versions are launched.

Is there special Academic Pricing for students and teachers?

Discounts for students and instructors from educational or academic institutions, and tax-exempt purchases cannot be applied through the Minitab Store. We offer two options for academic customers:

Rent online

OnTheHub, powered by Kivuto Solutions Inc., offers flexible academic subscription options at special discount prices for the following products:

  • Minitab Statistical Software
  • Minitab Workspace

These products are available for rent worldwide for academically eligible individuals.

Contact Minitab Sales

If you would like more information about academic pricing or placing an order, please contact Minitab Sales.

What is the Return Policy?

Please click here to view the return policy.

Does Minitab offer government pricing?

Government pricing is available for United States federal, state, and local government agencies only.

As a United States General Services Administration (GSA) contract holder, Minitab, LLC. provides federal, state and local government agencies with software, training and maintenance through the GSA Advantage system or by contacting a Minitab representative.

Minitab GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-0144U