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Go Beyond Business Intelligence with Minitab


Beyond Business Analytics

Make intelligent, data-driven business decisions with the help of Minitab!  Our solutions automate insights to quickly inform you of risks and opportunities. And the data visualizations can help you spot trends and problem areas. We’re here to help you make predictions and stay ahead of the market and your competition.

Beyond BI

Business is evolving, and so should your dashboards. Meet Live Analytics, powered by Minitab®, our latest solution built to empower all data professionals with the ability to easily create and incorporate statistical analysis into powerful visualizations. Join us to uncover how automated, real-time analytics can help you deliver more advanced analyses on a convenient and shareable platform.

Instantly Build Graphs and Visualizations

Seeing is believing. Visualizations are critical to accurately communicate findings and achievements. Deciding which graph best displays your data and supports your analysis is fast and easy with Graph Builder.

Data Integration

Learn how Minitab helped a Fortune 50 telecom company get a complete view of its customers’ service needs, enabling the enterprise to more efficiently solve customers’ problems through digital self-service. With a 360-view of its users’ troubleshooting journeys, the client identified areas where online support content could be improved to empower customers to easily resolve issues on their own, saving more than $2.3 million in call center costs.

Data Prep

Minitab Connect provides analysts with the tools to design data prep workflows and run results on data prep workflows instantly, without switching between applications. Within Minitab Connect, the Prep tool provides self-service data preparation to allow data users with varying technical skills to enrich, fix, aggregate, and explore their data for analysis. The Prep tool interface makes it easy to filter, access statistical functions, set conditional formatting, and join or blend data using a dynamic visual environment without risking data quality, integrity, or security.

Go Beyond Business Intelligence

Basic business intelligence tools give you just that, basic intelligence. If you’re ready to dive deeper into analytics but are not a data scientist or a programmer—you've found the right partner! Minitab knows you need a solution that allows you to access your data, without the help of IT. And our solutions can empower you to use advanced analytics, while also allowing you to easily share automated insights with your peers and leadership (in an easy-to-understand way!).

Built on our proprietary statistical and machine learning driven engine, only Minitab allows you to go beyond business intelligence to gain deeper insights. Other analysts use basic charts, Minitab uses statistical methods and advanced visualizations to definitively highlight insights that everyone can understand. While other solutions require you to regularly check their dashboards, Minitab lets you set alarms around key indicators. And that means you can focus on doing your job, not constantly updating your data.   

We started providing business intelligence more than 50 years ago. Over the years, our competitors have focused on creating pretty pictures, which then require you to rely on open source or third-party analytics to enable decision making. Minitab not only provides state-of-the-art visualizations, we also have our own proprietary analytics that have been refined for decades!



“Performance of [the Minitab] platform is just phenomenal. Dashboard-building is easy and accessible by all users, not just those with IT expertise. [Minitab] created a corporate culture of complete transparency of information, with the interactivity to let us explore [our] data and drill down into details.”

Carrie B
Insurance Broker

Automated graphs available from Minitab Connect given a set of data with blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate.



“Creating tables and charts is easy for all users. The software has a friendly interface and shortcuts to the most used functions. It gives results quickly and displays the edits in real-time…employees can analyze the data and share their opinions quickly to improve our productivity. We have achieved a corporate culture of total transparency.”

Henri H
Data analyst