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Data analytics is top priority for government organizations and agencies across the globe. This not only requires accessing and prepping your data for analysis, it also necessitates appropriate training and solutions that can provide insights from the data. Minitab is uniquely positioned because we provide training, education, and solutions! We help empower public sector organizations and agencies to make data analysis and process improvement a part of their operations.

Using Minitab’s data analysis and process improvement solutions, governments and public sector entities operate more efficiently and effectively.

Reduce Costs With Continuous Improvement

The city wanted to provide excellent public services while keeping municipal costs as low as possible. In order to identify the optimum magnesium hydroxide level that would meet all the necessary functions and comply with the state’s pH level requirements, they turned to Minitab. The savings for this project exceeded the initial estimated dollar amount and totaled more than $79,000. The Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant also established standard operating procedures, which ensured the continued efficiency of their process and savings for the city and taxpayers.

Improve Public Services

The new mayor formed an Executive Quality Council to apply the Six Sigma methodology to two services of great concern—pothole repair and improve garbage collection. Minitab Statistical Software transformed raw pothole data into easily understood graphs, revealing that the northeast quadrant of the city had the most potholes, and a year later, the garbage collection goal was met. From a financial perspective, the Six Sigma projects will save the city an estimated $3.5 million.

Minitab Partners with the Public Sector for Success

Government organizations and agencies have a tremendous amount of data, but often find it challenging to collect it, aggregate it, and then analyze it. You need to securely access data and compile it for analysis. And if you don’t have designated analysts, you need training and easy-to-use solutions. Fortunately, Minitab can help you every step of the way, with training and solutions designed to empower you to harness your data and execute initiatives.

With secure solutions for process improvement and data analysis, Minitab can help you to leverage the power of data analysis and structure problem solving in a variety of ways.  

Minitab’s solutions allow you to:

  • Analyze your supply chain to identify areas of improvement and savings.
  • Identify fraudulent activities.
  • Increase transparency to help identify waste and cost reduction opportunities.
  • Predict and analyze trends.



90% of the Fortune 100 use Minitab solutions!



“I can tell with confidence that we have saved a whole lot of time compared to the hours of discussions and calculations we would have spent if we didn't invest in (Minitab). The efficiency of our team has gone up significantly.”


Rahul V.
Senior Development Engineer

Delegates at a public sector solutions conference.



“Importing and connecting data with Minitab is beneficial as it centralized all the data into one platform, making it easy to govern, track and monitor all the data.”

Travis B.
Telecommunication Company