Minitab Help Examples

Access examples to learn how to use Minitab to conduct common analyses.

Each example contains step-by-step instructions for performing the analysis, sample output, and guidance for interpreting results. The content is drawn directly from Minitab Help and represents only a fraction of the topics covered. More examples are available online at Minitab Support.


Learn how to create a histogram to visualize the center and spread of a sample data set.


Graph the relationship between two variables using different symbols to represent a third variable.

Time Series Plot

Create time series plots to graph data over time and compare different series.

Normality Test

Determine if data follows a normal distribution using a normality test and corresponding p-value.

1-Sample t-Test

Calculate the confidence interval and p-value to determine if the mean is equal to a given value.

Bar Chart

Use a bar chart to count and graph the unique text values found in a single column of data.


Compare the medians, ranges, and distributions of different samples using boxplots.

Probability Distribution Plot

Use a probability distribution plot to calculate and graph probabilities for a normal distribution.

Display Descriptive Statistics

Calculate the mean, standard deviation, and other statistics to compare two samples of data.

Simple Linear Regression

Determine if there is a relationship between a predictor variable (X) and a response variable (Y).