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Minitab Partners with HMS Networks to Empower Faster Data-Driven Decisions

Turning Rapidly Captured Data Into Actionable Information

September 30, 2023, Halmstad, Sweden – Minitab, LLC, the market leader in data analysis, predictive analytics and process improvement,  announced its technology partnership with HMS Networks, a market-leading provider of solutions in industrial information and communication technology.

For more than 50 years, Minitab has helped organizations spot trends, solve problems and discover valuable insights in their data with its comprehensive, easy-to-use, and best-in-class suite of data analysis and process improvement tools. HMS Networks has developed a feature that allows any data captured by the Ewon Flexy to be easily imported into a Minitab solution for advanced automated analysis. 

The new partnership will provide HMS customers with the ability to turn rapidly captured data into actionable information, utilizing advanced analytics with reduced deployment timelines, proven compatibility, in a secure Azure environment. The partnership will also leverage market-leading training and support from Minitab and HMS to ensure that organizations can maximize the value of their deployed solution.  

Minitab has had a rich history of delivering customized, industry-leading technical support to its customers. HMS is no different, making the two companies even better together.  

“Almost all companies recognize that data is crucial for success, yet still 97% of them are challenged with using that data effectively,” said Paul Engle, Director of Global Partnerships at Minitab. “The Partnership between Minitab and HMS provides a proven collaboration to unlock the collection and analysis of a company’s process data to reveal actionable insights into process improvement and risk mitigation, with greatly reduced deployment timelines and challenges.” 

Tom McKinney, Director Engineering Services and Partnerships at HMS Networks, said: “One key roadblock to statistical analysis is data collection. In many cases, the parameters being collected are already leveraged by the automated production system. The Ewon Flexy remote data gateway can be configured to pull tag data from any PLC or HMI through a simple web page interface. This is how this partnership creates great value to our customers.” 

About Minitab

Minitab helps customers around the world leverage the power of data analysis to gain insights and make a significant impact on their organizations. By unlocking the value of data, Minitab enables organizations to improve performance, develop life changing innovations and meet their commitments of delivering high quality products and services and outstanding customer satisfaction. 

For nearly 50 years, Minitab has helped companies and institutions to identify trends, solve problems and discover valuable insights in data by delivering a comprehensive and best-in-class suite of data analysis and process improvement solutions. Thousands of businesses and institutions worldwide use Minitab® Statistical Software, Minitab Model Ops®, Minitab Connect®, Real-Time SPC Powered by Minitab®, Salford Predictive Modeler®, Minitab Workspace®, Minitab Engage®, and the Minitab Education Hub™ to uncover flaws and opportunities in their processes and address them. Minitab also offers a team of highly trained data analytic experts and services to ensure that users get the most out of their analyses, enabling them to make better, faster and more accurate decisions. Minitab Solutions Analytics™ is Minitab’s proprietary integrated approach to providing software and services that enable organizations to make better decisions that drive business excellence.

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About HMS Networks

HMS Networks AB (publ) is a market-leading provider of solutions in industrial information and communication technology (Industrial ICT). HMS develops and manufactures products under the Anybus®, Ixxat®, Ewon® and Intesis® brands. Development takes place at the headquarters in Halmstad and in Ravensburg, Nivelles, Igualada, Wetzlar, Buchen, Delft, Sibiu, Rotterdam and Bilbao. Local sales and support are handled by branch offices in Germany, USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, India, UK, Sweden, South Korea, Australia, UAE and Vietnam, as well as through a worldwide network of distributors and partners. HMS employs over 800 people and reported sales of SEK 2,506 million in 2022. HMS is listed on the NASDAQ OMX in Stockholm in the Large Cap segment and Telecommunications sector.

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