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April 7, 2020, State College, PA – Minitab, LLC, the market leader in data analysis, predictive analytics and process improvement, today announced a new release of Minitab® Statistical Software and the introduction of Minitab Workspace. Both Minitab and Minitab Workspace™ will help organizations achieve business excellence even in difficult business conditions, including discovering ways to address the bullwhip effect of supply chain, predicting results to avoid costs and eliminating waste from processes.

With even more robust predictive analytics, the latest version of Minitab enables organizations to proactively improve processes to achieve better results and avoid costly mistakes. Now with CART® (Classification and Regression Trees), Minitab offers the original and best version of one of the most popular and useful prediction tools in a fast and easy-to-use format. Faster performance to synthesize larger amounts of data and faster model-building with validation means finding insights more quickly. With clicks, not code and the Minitab Assistant and new features such as Python integration and improved graphics, sharing insights across an organization is easier than ever.

To support customers during these challenging times, the latest version of Minitab® Statistical Software will be made available to all annual license holders at no cost. The newest version provides an even better, faster and easier solution to help executives, professionals, educators and students visualize, analyze and harness the power of their data to solve their toughest business problems.

Minitab Workspace™ is the ultimate toolkit designed to elevate your organization’s work by helping it clearly visualize, optimize, prioritize and map business value better than ever before. Minitab Workspace™ is a one-stop shop for all the visual tools and templates that an organization needs. Minitab Workspace™ seamlessly integrates with Minitab® Statistical Software so you can keep your projects within the Minitab ecosystem.

No matter what function or department, mapping tools like value stream maps and process maps, brainstorming tools like fishbone diagrams, and root cause analysis tools like Five Whys, Minitab Workspace™ help you analyze processes to achieve business excellence from start to finish. Gantt Charts, SWOT analysis templates, and SIPOC diagrams help you strategically plan value-creating and cost-saving projects. Minitab Workspace™ even offers Monte Carlo Simulation to optimize your processes or products and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to help mitigate process or product risk.

Jeffrey T. Slovin, Chief Executive Officer and President of Minitab said: “For nearly 50 years, Minitab has helped our customers organizations discover insights in their data to make data-driven decisions. Our newest solutions are aimed at helping our customers today, by providing new ways to discover how to tackle their challenges, accurately predict outcomes and achieve business excellence, even under difficult circumstances.”

“Minitab is committed to developing new solutions that help our customers achieve their vision of success in 2020 and beyond,” Mr. Slovin continued. “We will continue to offer training, technical support and deep industry expertise along with innovative solutions to provide customers flexible ways to leverage Minitab. Our goal is to support customers today and help them build an even stronger foundation for the future.”

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Minitab helps companies and institutions to identify trends, solve problems and discover valuable insights in data by delivering a comprehensive and best-in-class suite of data analysis and process improvement tools. Combined with unparalleled ease-of-use, Minitab makes it simpler than ever to get deep insights from data. Minitab also offers a team of highly trained data analytic experts and services to ensure that users get the most out of their analyses, enabling them to make better, faster and more accurate decisions.

For nearly 50 years, Minitab has helped organizations drive cost containment, enhance quality, boost customer satisfaction and increase effectiveness through its proprietary solutions. Thousands of businesses and institutions worldwide use Minitab® Statistical Software, Minitab Connect®, Real-Time SPC Powered by Minitab®, Salford Predictive Modeler®, Minitab Workspace®, Minitab Engage™, and Quality Trainer® to uncover flaws and opportunities in their processes and address them. Minitab Solutions Analytics™ is Minitab’s proprietary integrated approach to providing software and services that enable organizations to make better decisions that drive business excellence.

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