Classroom Applications

Get lesson ideas from fun articles that describe how to use some of the most important statistical tools in Minitab.

Survey Data in Minitab: Organize, Simplify, Visualize and Analyze

This article highlights several basic tools in Minitab Statistical Software that will help you interpret your survey data accurately. Dennis Corbin, July 2020. 

Understanding t-Tests: 1-sample, 2-sample, and Paired t-Tests

This article includes two simple equations using the analogy of a signal-to-noise ratio to explain how the 1-sample t-test, paired t-test, and the 2-sample t-test reduce sample data down to the t-value.

Tumbling Dice and Birthdays: Understanding the Central Limit Theorem

One of the most important statistical concepts to understand is the central limit theorem. This article explains the central limit theorem and how to demonstrate it using common examples, including the roll of a die and the birthdays of Major League Baseball players. Michelle Paret and Eston Martz, Minitab News, August 2009.  

Sweetening Statistics: What M&M's Can Teach Us

Not everyone enjoys learning about statistics. But adding M&M’s to the lesson is a fun way to make it more appealing. This article reveals how M&M’s can give students hands-on experience with statistics and Minitab Statistical Software. Michelle Paret and Eston Martz, Minitab News, August 2008.

Bootstrapping for the Mean with Minitab Express

There’s a low probability of escaping an introductory statistics course without learning how to construct a confidence interval for the mean. Typically, you start with a sample dataset and then use it to describe a range of likely values for the mean of the entire population. But what if you take a sample from a population you know nothing about? Welcome to bootstrapping. Read this article to learn how you can use bootstrapping with Minitab Express to create a confidence interval for the mean and demonstrate the concept of a sampling distribution.