Statistical Software, Data Analysis, and Continuous Improvement Solutions to Meet the Needs of Everyone at Academic Institutions: Students, Teachers, Professors and Administrators

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Our Academic Sector Solutions

Academic institutions are comprised of many different types of people who have varying needs. In the past, that meant choosing from multiple vendors or compromising the needs of someone, which is often the administration. Not anymore. Minitab provides academic institutions and organizations everything they need! We offer market-leading statistical software for teaching and powerful analytics and process-improvement solutions aimed at improving the overall academic institution.

Solutions for Students

Apprehensive about learning statistics? Hoping to educate yourself through a better understanding of continuous improvement and analytical tools? Have no fear! Minitab was specifically developed to help you learn the skills you need in a simple and intuitive manner. Plus, we’ll empower you to take those skills to your next stop, which makes you an even more attractive candidate for further schooling or the job market.

Solutions for Educators

Prepare your students for the data-driven world ahead! More than 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide use Minitab in their statistics education programs, making it the leading software in higher education.

Minitab is also ideal for preparing younger students for Advanced Placement exams and sharpening their skills in STEM topics and Common Core.

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Access Minitab through our rental program or contact us to learn about our cost-effective department, lab or university-wide licenses.


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Powerful, Easy-to-Use Solutions for Students, Faculty, & Administrators

Finding a cost-efficient solution that is simple enough to be used to teach high school and undergraduates, and powerful enough to support the work of graduate students and professors is always a challenge. Layer in the needs of the institution itself, and you need solutions to analyze everything from recruiting, to alumni donations, to your overall operations. You need a powerful and versatile solution and partner. That’s where Minitab can help. We provide a simple solution for students to learn that is powerful enough to solve real-life challenges.

Minitab Statistical Software is the market-leading tool used to teach statistics. Over 50 years ago, Minitab was created by three professors who sought to improve the way statistics can be taught and analytics can be used. Today, Minitab is used by over 4,000 academic institutions around the globe to teach the next generation of student analytics, and to harness the power of analytics themselves to build a more successful organization.

We offer end-to-end solutions that can be used for not only teaching, but for research, business intelligence, process improvement, and predictive modeling. We’re the only analytics solution provider to offer an entire ecosystem that’s available on the cloud, so you and your students can use it anywhere, anytime.




More than 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide use Minitab as their software of choice in their statistics education programs, making it the leading software in higher education.



"…one of most significant advantages of Minitab is its user-friendly interface, which allowed me to master using the software in a very short period...It makes reporting and analysis much easier and generates ready-to-use and formatted tables and graphs that can be directly copied and pasted in your report or scientific articles.”

Mohammed Laid T.
Professor and Researcher

Male professor teaching statistics to a lecture full of undergraduate students.



“Really good software to be used as a student or as a professional. It helps you to analyze your data and interpret (it).  The software is really easy to use…(and) help(s) you make the right decisions. I used (Minitab) during my undergraduate course and (haven’t stopped since).”

Ana Carolina S.
Research Assistant