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Our Unlocking Business Value series is for professionals working in any industry. The courses cover the use and customization of Minitab Engage as well as tools that can optimize and map business value.  

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In this foundational course, you will learn to effectively navigate Engage and to efficiently create and manage quality improvement projects within the solution. Develop the ability to utilize project roadmaps to insert and organize a wide variety of project tools. Interact with data on maps, brainstorming tools, and forms. Understand how data is shared throughout projects and with the dashboard.

Discover how to create ideas and manage project phase gate reviews via workflow. Access centralized reporting and view summary metrics across projects via the dashboard.

Topics include:

  • Data Sharing
  • Process Maps
  • Value Stream Maps
  • Brainstorming Tools, including Fishbones
  • Forms and Analysis Captures
  • Projects
  • Workflow
  • Dashboard

Prerequisites: None

Process Map
Fishbone diagram
Prerequisite Course
Engage Essentials


Learn to customize Engage for your organization’s specific needs via various important features within a sandbox. Discover how to build and customize project templates to align with your most-used methodologies. Develop custom tool templates for maps, brainstorming tools, and forms. Create and edit the custom data fields that drive the platform's powerful data sharing capabilities. Learn how to connect forms to your subscription's data fields, enabling this data sharing inside individual projects and with the dashboard.

Understand how project data rolls up to the dashboard and create custom dashboard reports utilizing filters, summaries, and column sets. Establish workflow settings, configuring steering committees to vet idea proposals and review boards to manage phase gate reviews of active projects.

Topics include:

  • Engage Sandbox
  • Project Templates
  • Tool Templates
  • Form Templates
  • Data Fields and Data Sharing
  • Controls
  • Data-Entry Tables
  • Dashboard Configuration
  • Workflow Configuration
  • Email Notifications

Prerequisites: Engage Essentials

Engage Dashboard
Engage Workflow


In this course you will be introduced to the concepts and methodology of Monte Carlo Simulation – a quantitative analysis that accounts for the risk and uncertainty of a system. Whether the system is a new product, a manufacturing line, finance activities, project work, etc., Monte Carlo Simulation allows you to fully explore the variability in an output by including the variability in the inputs.

Develop the skills to understand inputs to a model as distributions instead of constant values to answer questions such as: How does the input variation affect the response variation? Given the variation in inputs, how truly capable is the process? Which inputs transmit the most variation to the responses? Learn how to utilize Monte Carlo Simulation to model the behavior of a system. 

Topics include:

  • Monte Carlo concepts and applications
  • Probability distributions
  • Linear models
  • Response Optimizer using Minitab
  • Monte Carlo simulation using Minitab Workspace
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Parameter Optimization

Prerequisites: Minitab Essentials, Factorial Designs

Monte Carlo Optimization Plot
Monte Carlo Model

Training Courses

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