Payment Terms and Policies

EMEA Countries Terms and Policies for Payments to Minitab Ltd.

These terms are not applicable for purchases from the Minitab Store.

  1. All prices are in Pounds Sterling or Euro.
  2. Availability is subject to change without notice.
  3. Payment terms vary by country. Payment terms of net 30 from the date of the invoice are available in some countries subject to credit approval. All others require pre-payment (credit card, cheque or wire transfer). Pre-payment is required in all countries for orders under £100/€145. MasterCard, VISA and American Express accepted. Cheques must be payable to Minitab Ltd. To wire your payment, please contact Minitab Ltd. at +44 (0)24 7665 2777 , by fax at +44 (0)24 7643 2888 for our bank information.
  4. All fees and prices are exclusive of VAT, tariffs, duties and taxes imposed or levied by a government or governmental agency.