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Our leading software includes everything needed to simplify teaching and improve statistics comprehension.

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Our guided e-learning courses to supplement curriculum through step-by-step lessons and exercises.

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Our powerful toolkit creates process maps, brainstorming diagrams, forms and more in one, easy-to-use interface.

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More than 4,000 colleges and universities worldwide use Minitab as their software of choice in their statistics education programs, making it the leading software in higher education.

Minitab is also ideal for preparing younger students for Advanced Placement exams and sharpening their skills in STEM topics and Common Core.

With Minitab now available through both our desktop app and cloud-enabled web app, you can access our statistical software from anywhere on nearly any device - including both PC and Mac computers. Your students can log in to continue their Minitab lessons whether they're in class, at home or halfway around the world.

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Instructors and students alike can access our expert collection of free resources including lesson plans, instructional videos, concise overviews, real-life examples and more.

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When you teach with Minitab, your students learn a valuable and highly marketable job skill that can be utilized in a wide range of careers. Minitab helps 9 of the top 10 Fortune 500 Companies, over 50% of Fortune 500 Companies, and thousands of other world-class organizations around the globe.